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Heartbreak Homicide

This is my first posting for this website. I have really been getting down about my skin lately, it's gotten really bad.

Ever since I quit doing Heroin, my skin has broken out and is a complete mess and I really just don't know what to do, i feel so lost and hopeless.

Even my family is giving me shit about my skin. I went to lunch with everyone on Saturday and afterward my Nanny told me she'd pay for me to go to the dermatologist. And then today I my uncle called and left a message saying I really need to get my skin cleared up this is serious. I guess I look that bad my family is embarassed to be seen with me.

My skin is so sensitive, I'm scared that whatever I'm going to use is just going to make it worst.


And how do I get a picture on my like user picture thing? it's like not working

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