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A new start :)

Im a 20 year old Norwegian boy, and will not sit in my wheelchair at the age of 80, looking back, thinking that acnes destroied my best years. Therefore I went to see my doctor at the beginning og january, after finishing 5 months of oxytetracycline, without a good result. It made my skin look fine for about one month, and after that it only got worse. Then my doctor sent me to a Skin-doctor(?), because only these are allowed to prescribe isotretinoin in Norway. She really understood my problem, and beacause some of my acnes could give me scars she was willing to put me on isotretinoin. Im starting on taking 20mg at breakfast and 20mg at dinner, so 40mg a day for the first month. After one month im going back to the doctor, and if the tests are okay im hopefully going up to 80mg a day. Feel free to comment, and share your experiences. This is were i will update my status, and it might even give me an oppurtunity to improve my english :dance:

Day 11

My skin is about the same as when i started, maybe a bit better. There have been some sideeffects like dryness, face and lips, and some headaches, but nothing to complain about :(

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