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Here goes nothing..

Alright, so lots of people have these logs. Although I cannot promise to be extremely diligent when it comes to routine posting, I will try my best, as I ultimately plan to seal this log closed with a kiss from a confident, acne-free face.

I am going to begin with saying that I understand there are going to be people who do not agree with some of the things I say or do. If you take me seriously, you’re a fool. I’m not a dermatologist, and have never claimed I am nor intend to play it off as one. This is me. These are my thoughts, these are my theories, and these are my results. Take them or leave them, I am not doing this for you; I am doing this for me.

Introduction. I’m Erin. I’m 20. My skin’s relatively mild. I had minor issues with it at the beginning of high school, but it wasn’t life-altering -- I barely gave it much thought. I developed an eating disorder after graduation, and my skin cleared.. Once I sought treatment and recovered, everything was back to the usual here-and-there. A year after treatment, my period came back and my skin went to hell. Hormones.. Which is part of the reason I started birth control (OTC) earlier this year. I think it has helped, but now I wish to be totally CLEAR. I am very self-conscious about my skin, and I constantly compare it to everyone I come in contact with.

I’ve switched up things a LOT since I joined this group last December. Mainly because I was gullible and didn’t know anything other than the fact that I wanted to be clear, and I’d try anything to get there – Anything from soaking my face in near-boiling water, to scrubbing with crushed aspirin. But there’s science behind it, there’s physiology, there’s facts. What works great for one person may have a completely opposite effect on another. It’s genes, it’s skin type, it’s lifestyle, it’s hormones.. There’s no “one and only, sure cure†for acne, as much as we all would hope. Through this log, I hope to find my personalized regimen to successfully keep acne at bay for good, so that I may relax and enjoy life.

From what I understand, I must:

1. Exfoliate

2. Disinfect/Treat

3. Moisturize

4. Reduce Oil Production

5. Regulate Hormones

You exfoliate to slough dead skin cells and uproot blocked pores. You disinfect and treat the acne. Then you prevent new acne with moisturizing.

3 through 5 are fairly intertwined. When you moisturize, your skin doesn’t produce as much oil to maintain its balance. Oil regulation can be done through Accutane (Unfortunately, I am unable to take it due to Osteoporosis, resulting from my ED), B5 – Which I have been recently looking into, and/or by regulating possible oil production triggering hormones through means such as birth control.

Earlier this week, I began using scrubs with Salicylic Acid, followed by a Benzoyl Peroxide wash, and then moisturizing with Jojoba Oil (By far, the best moisturizer, in my opinion).

I take OTC, along with some random vitamins/supplements. I am considering picking up a bottle of B5 today and throwing that in my regimen, as well. It seems that many people have had success with it.

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