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break out!!

My mum did not want to cook these past 2 days so we ordered pizza and ice cream.

Takeaway nightmare!

around immediately i start to break out!

my friend is having this HUGE party on Saturday and i look like this !!!


words can not describe how devastated i am!

i have 5 days

i can get rid of around 20 zits by then....right

god have mercy

will report back to tell you how it all went



Water is a god send.


I have been reading up about food and acne and found that lots of people said that water helped.

I used to hardly ever drink anything during the day apart from the odd frute juce at lunch and maybe the odd glass of water at dinner.

I tried on many attempts to drink at least 1 and a half liters of water a day but they all failed.

The main reason being that I tried to drink the full amount all at once to get it out of the way for the day but I always felt sick afterwards. Then I just started walking around with a water bottle and taking sips every now and then and before you know it, I had drunk around 2 liters!!

Water really works and has had a great impact on my skin. I drink 2 big glasses or 1 bottle full of water at breakfast and that really wakes me up. Then I just walk around with a water bottle in my schoolbag or just holding it and take sips through out the day.

Bananas are really good for you skin as well, I eat one a day.

Zink has also been proven to help your spots and is found in most fish so I also eat fish around 2 to 3 times a week for lunch.

Bread and dairy produce are said to produce spots. I have cut down on bread and seen a difference but I don’t think dairy produce such as milk and cheese really matter. It is said that girls should drink around 1 glass of milk a day. My mum makes me drink a glass a day and I don’t see anything changing on my face so feel free to drink milk!!

I try to avoid grease and fast foods as much as possible (this is really hard).

Also I try and stay away from sweets and chocolate, this is very hard to do because I love them both so much!

Over and out :doh:


love this site


I’m on my seventh or eighth week of the regimen and I have just recently had a really bad outbreak. My parents are not very supportive of Dan’s regimen because it is bleaching all the towels and my pillow case. It’s not like they don’t want me to get clear, its just they do not understand what it is like to have acne as nether of them have had it.

I went to this really fab party with some girlfriends on the weekend... You could say that i am there dress up doll because every time we go to a party the put on my makeup and put me in clothes they want me to were without me having any say in it. I don't mind it at all, they make me look great but they do put on a LOT of foundation.

Anyway afterwords I came home really late and had virtually no sleep and was really grumpy in the morning.

My skin did not look to great after the breakout and then being smothered with foundation and with huge black circles under my eyes, waterproof mascara that absolutely refused to come off. You can imagine I was in a right old state.

I emailed the site feeling really down and around 2 days later I got a really nice reply from Brandy telling me not to worry and she gave me some tips.

Now I feel a lot better and am clearing up very quickly.

I found another site which is sort of like a blog that really helps me to, I Take Amy’s diet tips and her daily routine but I still use Dan’s regime in the mornings and evenings.

It is a very good combination.


on the way to being clear!!!!!!!


Anyway i love that you cant talk to people pesonaly about the regimen and acne on this site.

acne.org has saved my life :doh::) :)



guess what??

the bp has bleached my eyebrows!

and the hair around my face

dark haired people beware!

thank god I'm a light brunette :doh:




my forehead where i usually get the most outbreaks is now 99% clear!!!

i only have one red mark that is fading!!!


i still have a few zits but they are tiny!!!!

woohooo!!! :boogie::) :) :D:D:thumbsup::D:mad::shrug::mad:

i am on my 6th week and i am nearly clear!!!!




Me again


Does anyone here get regularly jealous at people with clear skin?

i do!!!

Me and my best friend both had really bad acne, but it was o.k because we had each other. Then she found a produce that really help her skin and now she is A LOT clearer. i am now alone. We still hang out, but not as much because she now is a part of another group of spot free friends.

I try not to be jealous when i see her but i cant help it.And some of the girls in my class pile on the makeup like there is no tomorrow, and then get not one tiny blackhead to prove it!

I sometimes think what in the world did i do to deserve this?

There is a girl in the year above mine who has really serious acne. She is always smiling and always having a laugh with her friends. I would really like to be like her, i can hardly look at my family in the face when i have a break out, let alone feel happy.

there are not many people in Iceland with acne...i don't know why but there are very few. Or the Icelanders are just really good at hiding there zits.


i don't really know what to say now....

nm more to say...


byebye :doh::)


i hate myself


i strayed off dans regimen for one weekend and now i have the biggest, reddest spot you can imagine between my eyebrows!

it is horrible!

i tried to pop it but that only made it 100 times worse

i look like someone has shot me!

i skipped school today....

i am really ashamed at myself for doing this.

I am actually scared of what the other people in my class will think of me.

i am scared of what strangers will think.

at the moment i want to just lay down and die. :):doh:

does anyone have a confidence booster?

just something that i can think to myself when i have a huge spot on my face and feel like dying.

thanx a bill.



I am now on my 4th week of the regime!

here is the bad news.... I HAVE A HUGE YELLOW HEAD ON MY CHEEK!!!!

i lived with it for a couple of days but then was forced to pop it.

Now its bright red, and looks like someone has hacked at my cheek!

ahhh well, just have to live through this.

:):shrug::D :D :doh::mad::):D

i cant wait till it goes!!!!

wish me luck !



my name is Lilja and i live in Akureyri Iceland (pls don't try and stalk me, there are around 100 Lilja's that live in Akureyri). I have had Acne for around 2 and 1/2 years now.

i skipped school because i was so depressed about my skin :(. i used to avoid crowds as much as possible, in fact i never ever went out of the house if avoided. :(

i have been using Dans tips for around 3 weeks now and i am looooving it ! :dance: :dance:

i was actually so impatient, waiting for the Bp products to arrive that i started to use the regimen with my clean and clear on-the-spot gel just for practice until the real produce arrived!

i am using:

Panoxyl Aquagel wash 10%, just a pea size amount in the morning and evening.

Panoxyl Aquagel 2.5%- i am up to 1 and a half fingers.

Q10 moisturizing day cream, with Mango Body Butter for very dry skin from the Body shop, for the parts of my face (like around the eyes) that are very sensitive.

I would have ordered Dan's produce but it costs A LOT to ship things here + the added cost of having it flown from the main city to way up north.

I have very sensitive skin, so i started off a lot slower then was recommended.

PA. can be found very cheap on the internet and does not need a doctors note.

Body Shop Rules!!!! :dance:

I told my Friend about Dans regimen but she found that it took to much time in the morning for her to put it on and her makeup.

she is using this produce called Zinarit. you have to get a doctors permit for it but it has cleared her up pretty well, still, not as good as Dans :dance::mad::(.

She loves it though and is a lot more happy!

she has also got sensitive skin, so it is good for all skin types!

if you would have talked to me 5 weeks ago, i would have looked down at my feet the hole time and just mumbled a lie about having to get home soon.

now i would stare you strait in the face!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO :dance::(:mad::boohoo: :boohoo:

i feel so happy :mad::dance::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Happy Easter!

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