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Completely Clear!

Ok, guys i've been using retin-a micro, clindamycin, and septra for 1month and 17days and i'm completely clear, I still can't believe it, I still have acne marks but the retin-a should help with that and microdermabrasion, but as far as pimples I only have one pimple on my entire face, which by the way is very small. I'm loving this!

I went to second doctor's appointment last week and she up-ed my retina-a .004% to a stronger .1% and i can tell the difference, all the small bumps on my face that are active pimples but are just kinda there are starting to disappear and now i only have very small ones, my face isn't completely smooth because i do have some acning scaring, but over time the retin-a should help a little and then i'll have to invest in some other things like microderabrasion.

I haven't stayed home because of my acne since the first week of starting this regimen, my depression has gotten so much better and i'm working out my anxiety. I'm opening a small business with my mom, and am actually excited about going back to school. I know everyone's solution is out there, I seriously thought I would never find something to help me, but try it, it might work for you too!

Here's my regimen:


Wash my face usually with just cool water

Clindamycin on spots only

Aloe Vera on dry spots


Wash face with clinque face foaming wash for oily skin

Wait 30 Mins.

Apply one pea-sized amount of Retin-a .1%

1 pill of Septra 2x a day


Tomorrow will be 2 weeks!

Well, i'm still seeing improvement. All the pimples that were there when i started this regimen are gone now and the only ones on my face right now are new ones that the retin-a micro has brought up. There are 0 on my forehead right now, I never had a serious problem with pimples there, there was only one at time usually and those always went away faster then the rest of my face. Ok, so i have none on my forhead RIGHT NOW, i have four left over spots on my left cheek, like they are not inflammed and not under the skin either but they create bumps on my face especially when i put make-up on so i'm just waiting for those to completely smooth out. Ok, i also have about 10 micro mini pimples on the left side. I'm not sure if the RAM is going to bring them out bigger and inflammed or if it'll keep it micro but still bring 'em out. We'll see. Ok, and lastly I have one pimple that i feel coming up on the left <~ it will retin-a-ed! :pray: Ok, on my right cheek I have five active pimples but they are not coming up to the surface and becomming inflammed and they don't hurt as much as they used to. We'll see what happens with these. I also have 3 micro pimples on the right side. On my chin i have a cluster of about 7-10 micro pimples and two that the left over ones on the left cheek. And I thought the RAM took away all my black heads- it tricked me! I think it took away the ones that were already there, but now it's bring up the ones that were still under there, I guess I really don't know if blackheads work the same way white heads do but anyways they are still there but I rarely will have a pimple in the creases of my nose anymore which i used to have a BIG problem with.

Overall, my face doesn't have any large inflammed pimples, and the texture of my skin is alot smoother! This makes me so happy, I don't feel sexy :) yet but i don't feel like a monster anymore. And it's only the second week, thanks to God and researches for this stuff!

I don't know why you guys would want to read all this, but O WELL. sorry!


Septra Ds 2x a day 8am n 8pm


Baby shampoo, I use the one from the Dollar store, same exact ingredients much cheaper!

Pat dry carefully, let dry 15 mins. or so

Put clindamycin on

Clinque Antioxidant 25spf only on dry spots, Aloe Vera on T-panel

Everyday minerals- only if i have to


Wash away gel by Clinque

Baby Shampoo

Wait 30 mins. (very important with retin-a)

Put RAM on (i'm trying, it's extremely hard by the way, to only use pea- sized amount, I'm pretty good at it) :pray:

One more thing I have to metion, is i've been experiencing flu-symptoms for the last 3 days. My throat was hurting like bad, like there was a lump in there or something was stuck in there anyways I read up on and alot of times it's a symptom from anxiety, stress or grief and I do have anxiety about taking Septra(bactrim) and generally just am a very anxiety-prone person, so i started doing some breathing treatments and what do you know the lump and pain went away! I'm such a nut-case, anyways here are two exercises that work and are easy:

Pretend like you breathing in through your toes and feel the air go all the way up to your lungs, then back out again through your toes. Then do the same thing using your arms. Ahhhh!


Pretend like there are 10 tons of weight on you feet and you can't move them, stay like that for 10 secs. then move up and do the same to each part of your body also don't forget to do facial muscles that's where most of our tension is! Ok hope this can help somebody whether your on Septra(Bactrim) or not.

Other than the throat thang, I woke up with a headache today and had chills this morning and muscle aches all over back, and stomach pains in the lower groin area and upper abdomin. So, I called the pharmacist and asked if i could take sinus medicine and OTC pills like advil, ibprouen?, tyneol? and he said yes and said the flu-like systoms aren't a side affect of Bactrim, the only ones i should be concerned about are easy sun-burning and stomach pains. But if i take a ibprouen i feel alot better. I'm going to go get my blood test so i can put my mind to ease. Ok, that's it guys, sorry if you just wasted 5 mins of your life reading non-sense :pray:


:pray: Well, there is a definite improvement in the blackheads on my nose, i would say 80% gone! wow! and there is a small improvement in the rest of my face, I've been icing my inflammed pimples and god it helps so much.

As of right now there are only 5 new pimples since i started on these meds. and they are small not extremely small but small enough not to keep me in the house. Also, from the pimples that were already there when i started meds, they all got bigger and inflammed but i suspected this was part of the purging process, two have gone away and there are about four medium sized pimples under the skin, not cysts but not inflammed either bascially there on the cycle of going away.It's pretty weird how retin-a micro works, usually i pop pimple to go away and this may sound really gross but it usually come out liquidy and puss-like, but with RAM the stuff that was inside my skin comes up on it's own and it's hard and dry, i wait as long as i can and when it' near the very top i squeeze gently and it gone! Very cool. So, right now i'm looking for an after-med regimen to keep pimples away. I will be asking my derm and i think she already said RAM would help with that but i don't want to fall short if my face needs more than that. I've looked at Paula's Choice a couple of times but i'm still looking around. Well see, anywho this is what i do have..

This is what i do in a normal day-

Take one pill of Septra at 8am

Wash my face with J&J Baby Shampoo, I like it better than the Wash, the wash is thicker

Apply ice to pimples, hold for 30secs. 3x

Let dry for about 15mins.

Apply clindamycin only on spots and in the creases of my nose, they always get clogged

Apply FOTE Aloe Vera

Apply small amount of Clinque Antioxidant Moisturizer 25spf

Make-up Everyday Minerals

Take one pill of Septra at 8pm

Wash with Wash away gel from clinque

Wash with Baby Shampoo

Wait 30mins. Apply retin-a micro. Go to sleep.


I don't really see a differnce in my face, there are a couple of new pimples, but nothing dramatic. I've read that it may take up to 2months for the I.B. so i'm just patiently waiting now.

The only things i'm worried about now is what skin care line i should use and if i should toner and what toner and what mosturizer (i'm thinking about getting some jobaba oil) there's been good reviews on that one.

O let's seee what else, if i can and should exfoliate. And what's a good exfoliater that's both effective but none irrating.

that's all i can think of for now, i'll searching for the perfect products and asking my derm. next time i see her and i'll make sure to post them :wavey:



Well, i had my derm. appointment today, it felt like years to get here, but it did and i'm so happy! She prescribed me Septra, Clindamycin, and Retin-A micro. So tommorrow will be my 1st offical day taking Septra and tonight will be my first (well i ain't gonna lie i put the retin a on right when i got home) so second time putting on on the retin.

I hope, I pray, that this works. Please God, Please.

Only thing to do now is find a wash and moisturizer that complements these products. Hmm, if anybody reads this...do you have any suggestions?



Ok, so i just read that Accutane might not be effective for my type of acne, so I guess i'm gonna have to leave it up to my doctor to prescribe me something as long as it's not antibiotics- i read somewhere (i swear i need to start tracking these things) that acne is not responsive to most antibotics and like the rest of your body, acne can become immune to antibiotics especially over a longer period of time. Hmm, sooooooooo i guess i'll play the waiting game now. My doc's appointment is this coming tuesday, four days to go!


Pimples, Pimples, Pimples

I hate 'em I hate 'em all. :D

So, the only good news i have to report is that i made an appointment to see a derm next week. I hoping that she'll find me a candidate for accutane. Most people say that my acne's not that bad but because i choose to only go outside my house when i'm having the best of days and wearing a shit load of makeup. But when you wake up everyday and first thing that comes to your head is O god how many pimples do i have today or Fuck i dont want to look in the mirror for 5yrs. straight it's pretty fucking exhausting. It' like have a infant @ home FOREVER because even when ur sleepin those little fuckers (pimples not the baby) are growing and coming out. I worry about it even i sleep, ahhhhhhhhhhh! i'm just so tired of it already, i'm done I hope to god his derm. will prescribe me tane. The only fear i have is that she'll say it's not severe enough, I do have realitively mild acne, but its so damn persistant, for every one pimple that's going down two are coming up.

I hope, I hope, I hope she prescribe to me. :wavey:


Offically Day 7

Yesterday 20 pills

My face is looking pretty good right about now, i currently have 10 (small) pimples, but that's me nitpicking and also some that are on there way to disappearing. So just to be sure i count pimples by how many dots of BP i use (sometimes i put it on pimples that aren' even there, they have just gone away and i want to make sure). Today 10.

The only active one is near my eyebrow and is very small.

The two that were on my left cheek, i put SA on em and it dried them up nicely.

I slept with my face bare today- no BP. I just mixed Aloe Vera w/ clinque antioxidant mostrizer and made sure it was soaked in and slept on a clean pillow sheet. And some of my pimples dried up and some that were already dried up, dried up more. Yeah!

I also have this liquid chrophyll i got from my massuse <~ the spelling check on here doesn't work btw) anyways and i've noticed everytime i drink my skin looks well like a hydrated flower and like very well oxygenated and there does seem to be less pimples and clearing skin. I need to do some research on this here chrophyll.


moring: J&J babywash

(FOTE) Aloe Vera mixed w/ Clinque Antioxidant Mostrizer

BP on spots

night: Clinque Wash away gel (for makeup)

J&J baby wash

(FOTE) Aloe Vera/Clinque Antioxidant


Clinque super exofliant weekly

20 B5 pills a day

one bottle of Chrophyll a day

Waitin on Everyday Minerals


Day 5

20 pills of B5

Washed my face with j&j baby wash for the first time, kinda freakin out i hope it doesn't break me out. I've been washing my hair and body with j&j baby wash for a week now. although i've read alot of reviews that head& shoulders cleared there face and i have noticed that when i wash my hair w/ h&s i face looks a little clearer but i'm just so nervous about puttin shampo on my face :wavey: but i think i'll start washin my hair regularly w/ h&s and if it wonders down to my face on it's own well there nothing i can really do about now is there

And i was using Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera for a while then stopped but i've read alot of good reviews so i'm back on.

The right side of my cheek is pretty clear, one small bump under the skin, and there are two new pimples on the left side of my cheek under the skin that appeared today might be because i slept in my makeup :D So im using SA on those pimples (on top of the skin) and BP on the rest that are under the skin. I'm gonna try real hard to sleep w/ my face facin up but its gonna be real hard because i love squishing my face in my pillow

What else..O yeah! I ordered everyday minerals i should get here from 1-6 business days so it's wed. so by next wed. i should definetly have it.

You know, i was just thinking now once i got sick and was hospitialized and didn't wear makeup for 4 days and my face looked really clear except one major pimple. HMMM...do i have enough guts to go w/out makeup..NOPE, o well guess i'll never know


J&J head-to-toe babywash

FOTE aloe vera gel


20 pills of B5 per day

night: clinque wash away gel to break down make-up

j&j wash

clinque toner (make sure that make-up off)



Day 4

Took 0 pills yesterday

20 today

My face seems to clearing up, the huge pimple on my forehead is going away slowly and all the pimples on my cheeks are going away. There are no new ones. There are very small ones around my mouth, but they are VERY small & i don't except anyone to get that close to me anyways.

Morning: clinque liquid wash

let face dry atleast 10 mins. (trust me it does alot)

Clinque anxtiodiant mostrizer (all over)

BP on spots

Night: Clinque wash away gel

clinque liquid wash

let dry @least 10 mins.

Antioxidant mostrizer

BP on acne prone zones( hmm, pretty much all over) mostly cheeks a little less on forehead and chin


Day 2

Well, i'm not sure if it's the B5 or the less is more regimen that's working but i've only gotten two new pimple in the last three days. One on top of the skin and ones under, both very small. Very cool! The ones i already had are going away slloowly. I only have have four visible ones.

Yesterday 15 pills

Today 20

Right now, i'm using:

Morning: Clinque Liquid Wash for Oily Wash. I'm only using this until i find an all natural one

Clinque Mosterizer Antioxidant one (all over face)has spf 25 so it elimantes sunscreen step

BP only on spots

Night: Clinque Wash away gel only if i wore make-up that day

Clinque Liquid Wash :wavey:

BP on spots on

And B5 through out the day @ 5 a-time

That's it. Well, see how it goes..


10th Aug. 2007

10th Aug. 2007

Well I was doing pretty well w/ taking my B5 vitamins at-least 15 a day until my birthday came up, I spent two nights @ and didn’t take ‘em. So I’m back on officially I think yesterday was my 1st day taking 20 pills, today 15. I really hate that I keep talking about my acne, but I’ve decided that’s the only way I can keep track of what I’ve used and what works for me and what doesn’t.

Well, I’ve been reading a lot of post, first let me say that I joined a group called acne.org it about acne and a bunch of people trying to get rid of it. (I fit right in) Well, I’ve been reading a lot of post and one stuck out the most, well first let me say that I read this one blog (post) and it listed all the irritants that most cleansers, toners, lotions and other acne facial products have and I found out that my Clinique line isn’t god-sent like I thought. Truth is, my actual facial cleansing lotion actually has a chemical in it that is used in motor grease or some crazy shi8t like that. So, I read this post and this girl got completely clear skin washing her face with Johnson and Johnson head-to-head baby wash and of course doing other stuff. Note to self: must find that post and write down other stuff. Also, in another post I read some guy saying less is more, you know the more and more you put shi8t on your face the more clogged your pores are gonna be. I truly believe that now. I’ve seen the way my face looks after I just wash it and get too lazy to tone and put lotion. It looks clearer and less greasy than when I put toner and lotion. And guess what, the lady @ Clinique recommended I put three lotions on my face. Three! Are you fucking serious how clogged would you like my pores to be just mild to moderate to I can run back and buy more of your poison-filled products or severely so I can go completely insane? (Deep breath) So, anyways I’m going to try to do the less is more regimen. I seriously want to try the j&j baby wash. I’ll buy it , bring it home, research on all it’s ingredients and if it sucks then I’ll just take it back (tell ’em I decided I didn’t want to wash my baby after all) And I’ll keep putting BP on only on spots. I’ve been putting all over face heavily the last two or three days and my face is getting red and irritated and that’s because my face is uber-used to the stuff. Less is more. Yes that will be my motto-until it doesn’t work.


I don't know exactly how this works so i'm gonna introduce myself first then write my experience. I was already keeping a personal journal to track my acne and for self-healing purposes, but i figure why not keep it on here in hopes someone will read it and maybe get some tips or not feel alone in their battle or at least be amused.

Well, let me begin by stating i'm 22 and i have mild to moderate acne. Basically they're always there, one a good day there are 5 nice big ones really noticable. I used to have clear beautiful skin i never thought twice about, but my senior year in highschool, i broke out in what seemed like an allergic reaction. Well, whether it was or wasn't it turned into years (5 now) of battling persisent acne. I've tried many OTC products as many people have, and even know i wish that the RIGHT one will just jump out at me one day and answer my prayers. I've been on antibiotics, i got prescribed a topical which really helped in drying out the little bastards but they always came back. I heard about Dan's regimen along, long time ago and the BP does help but only for a certain amount of time. I guess my skin gets used to it or something. Basically, I'm here to find and share new insights, some commonailty (none of my friends have acne nor does my family and no one understands the emotional toll it has especially when I can remember when i didn't have acne, it kinda hurts that much more) and mostly this blog is me talking to myself and venting and keep track of all the different methods i'll use. So, here goes..

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