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Its been about 4 months since taking minocycline (100mg) (hope I spelled it right). And it has been two months since taking retin-a cream.

It has been wonderful so far, the cream contains tretinoin (0.01%) and erythromycin (4%). Also, I have now been taking supplements as well. I take Vitamin E, Salmon oil, Vitamin C and Vitamin B, and have stopped drinking milk, and started eating more vegetables. Ever since changing my diet, I saw a huge improvement. I have no acne, but I still have hyper pigmentation marks. I still get the occasional zit here and there but it is quite rare.

So for everybody who wants to know what my regimen is now here it is:

7:00am take minocycline pill, wash face with cetaphil cleanser, moisturize with cetaphil

9:00am take supplements (Vitamin E, Salmon Oil, Vitamin B, and Vitamin C)

4:00pm wash face with cetaphil, moisturize with Vitamin E Oil mix with cetaphil moisturizer

9:00pm wash face with cetaphil

9:20pm apply retin-a cream

10:30pm sleep

As you can see, this regimen has worked so far. I hope that I don't get immune to this regimen. I will update when I can to let you guys know how things have been. Please comment, ask questions, whatever. I really would like to hear your regimen and how it has been working for you.


Decided to make a blog. Hope to see improvements.

Anyways I started my acne battle by the time I was 16. My skin was practically flawless before that, but then the hormones kicked in and things got worse. I am now 18 and still struggling with acne. I usually have one or two zits. But I have acne scars that just doesn't seem to go away. They are these reddish brownish scars that I have had for the past year. So by Feb I decided to do something about it. I went to a doctor and he prescribed me minocycline 100 mg. I take it once a day every morning. I take it on an empty stomach and have to wait 3 to 4 hours before I can even eat. It sucks. Anyways the med has helped a lot.

Fastfoward 1 month and a half later and saw the doctor again. He decided to give me stievamycin. It contains tretinoin (0.01) and erythromycin (4%). The treitinoin will help with the hyperpigmentation and the erythromycin is an antibiotic.

Fast foward 1 month to the present. My skin is very smooth, no acne no bumps, but still hyperpigmentation. The marks are still visible but has reduced significantly. Hope to see improvements within the next 5 months.

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