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I have been on this website many times over the past few months. I never registered. I only read what others had posted, researched medication, and hoped to find a cure for my acne. The reason I decided to sign up and write this is because I hope that it will help someone else out there. I am 26 years old and had pretty good skin as a teen but it got much worse after the birth of my first born. Over the past year it has been a roller-coaster ride. It would clear for a few days and then go insane and I would breakout horribly. I used Proactive for over a year. It was the only thing that sort of helped me. A General Doctor that I work for perscribed me Minocin which made me very dizzy. He switched to Tetracycline and Clindagel which I took for over a month and it did nothing. I stopped the proactive and it got worse. I finally decided to go to a Dermatologist. On my first visit he told me there was really nothing to do but put me on Accutane. I would say at the time I had moderate acne...not severe but he felt with the other antibiotics it was the only way. After reading the side effects I chose not to take it. I just felt like I had not tried everything that I could and would use that as a last resort. I then went to get a second opinion from another Dermatologist and I am so glad that I did! He put me on Doryx 150 mg once a day. Pacnex facewash (which is new I do believe) morning and night, and also Ziana at night after washing my face. It took almost two weeks to see a difference but I am so very pleased!My face is more clear than it has been in over a year. I have had several people tell me how much better it looked. I went back for my second visit yesterday and they also put me on BenzaClin for in the morning after washing my face. I have not used it yet but will start today. This may not be the cure for my acne and I may wake up tomorrow and have a horrible zit but for today I am happy and I hope by my writing this somewhere someone out there may suggest these meds and be happy too:)

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