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Accutane at 38 starting at 10mg...

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Day 56 now at 20mg once a day since day 31.

I have been on this journey for almost 2 months and it has changed my life, for reals yo!

I feel like in my first 2 posts I may have been a little uptight and trying to be all storytellerish, but that's not really a great representation of my personality so I'm going to try to be better at being me in my blogging!

Basically acne WAS moderate persistent and cystic and now it is gone. I no pimples on my face for almost a month and I still can't believe it. The main down side for me is that I feel different...it has nothing to do with my mood rather physically. Like when you're on a strong drug and you just feel different...I hope that makes sense. There are definitely other side effects for me. I have minor back pain and some joint pain and my lips are pretty dry. I have been obsessive about keeping some kind of moisture on my lips at all times so as not to run into the cracked lip problem. I love Aquaphor and have been using it for my lips. I'm not exactly how it differs from vasaline if at all, but I like it better. Call me crazy!

My skin hasn't been too dry otherwise. It could be because I'm on a low dose...but for my face I have been using Mario Badescu skin care. I was using it previously and then changed what I was using since my skin was no longer oily and my skin looks and feels amazing. Mario's stuff is all natural and comparable in price to lesser expensive dept store brands like clinique, but so much better in my opinion.

Since my initial post my derm has upped my dose from 10mg once a day to 20mg once a day. I wasn't too excited about him upping it cause I didn't want to feel any more "different", but I haven't really noticed a larger difference in how I feel. I think I have figured out that if I take it at night I feel less weird!! It may sound crazy and be totally psychosomatic but that's where I'm at!

I really feel like I have a new lease on life and that a whole new world has opened up to me since I've been freed from this burden. It really is a miracle drug (with tons of risks involved not to be taken lightly) I'm just a little afraid as to what will happen after I stop taking it...? Will the results stay...? And if so how long...? Will I have to do another course...?

We shall see!

More soon


So is day 12 at 10mg once a day...

From the day I took the first pill I have been so paranoid about side affects from the accutane. I don't know if anyone else felt that way? I did experience some IB. It wasn't too horrible, but I had been on antibiotics and alternating 2 topicals leading up to the start of accutane that had given me pretty good results but left me really dry and sensitive. So I suspected there might be some IB while the accutane was getting into my system. Um, the phone survey is a little crazy!!

The first couple days I had some headaches, that I thought might be associated, but wasn't sure? I also haven't been sleeping as well and have had some crazy dreams!! I could just be paranoid thought!!

My lips have been dry and I am now obsessed with finding the best lip treatment! I'm not really sure what to do for skin care either. I had been using Cetaphill face wash and moisturizer while on the other stuff, but I'm not as dry now and not sure how dry I will get on such a low dose? My insurance doesn't cover any kind of acne treatments at all, so seeing as though I am paying all this out of pocket, I don't want to dump a lot of cash on skincare if I don't have to.

But now on day 12 my IB has almost totally vanished and I don't want to get too excited, but my skin is looking pretty good. My back is breaking out a little more than normal, but I am hoping that that will subside as well. I think I am most excited about the area behind my ears on my hairline being clear! It's so nice to be able to pull my hair up and not worry how that looks.

I'll try not to be too wordy in the future, thanks for reading...


A little about me...

I am the 38 year old mother of 2 beautiful little girls and I have just begun my journey with Accutane.

I have suffered from mild to moderate persistent acne, mostly cystic with some whiteheads, for over 25 years. I had seen a dermatologist when I was a teen, but the treatments burned and dried my skin and I think I just figured this mild acne was my cross to bear, and so I just became really good at covering it up with makeup. It was either that or not leaving the house so the makeup had to work and when it didn't I would stay inside. I think I felt almost normal because I would get teased with glimpses of being acne free for a day or 2 but then another red painful cyst or 2 or 3 would surface. I can't even begin to imagine what it's like for people who's breakouts are all over their face and relentless, my heart truly breaks for them. So know that my intention isn't to diminish them or their stories, but merely share mine and hopefully find a community.

I have felt like a prisoner to makeup for almost all of my life, and also skincare regimes! I might be a little obsessed, but I wouldn't travel without every possible skincare item I might need to deal with a bad breakout. I also wouldn't leave the house without concealer just in case one of my big pimples got revealed. Maybe I'm terribly vain, or maybe it's just because I have only really let people see me with makeup on so I'm afraid and insecure about being judged if I were to be seen without it. But when I see people with clear beautiful skin with no makeup on I am always so envious and try to imagine life with that...I couldn't imagine what that would even be like...

So now I'm 38, a mom and an actor and I'm blogging for the first time about my journey with Accutane.

Ok, enough back story! Thanks for reading...more to come...

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