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So this probably seems like the same old question. But here it goes i have acne i have it on my face and on my sholders. I find it embaressing to have it on my face is one thing becasue so many people have it but to have it on your back is another. I just cant seem to get rid of it. Ecspeacilly heading to the beach or pool partys with all my friends. I definetly have the worst acne in my group of friends and no one else has it on their back i try to hid it and wear my hair down when we go swimming because i HATE acne if i talk to my sister about it she says dont worry about it no one will notice but im a twin and she gets the odd black head on her nose while i have zits galore on my face and back alike she just dosnt understand that i'm much more sensitive to haveing acne and she dosnt even have to worry agbout it at all :dance: But does anyone have any ideas? i need some help here me and my self esteem are suffering

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