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23 days in, and my face is so dry! (I can barely believe my normally oily-roily self is even typing those words!)

My skin is so dry that as soon as I wash it (and I do use Dove 1/4 moisturizing bar), I pat it semi-dry w/ my facial towel and immediately have to follow up with Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizing Lotion. Still within a few hours, I'm back to dry and peeling!

And the itching? I'm doing all I can to keep from literally scratching my cheeks and chin--it's just that bad! The skin on my chin, especially, is peeling as if I applied some type of thin mask to it and forgot to take it off.

Only 2 things so far have brought me any relief from the peeling and itching:

1. hydrocortisone cream. I mean the low dose kind you can purchase from the baby aisle of the drugstore to treat baby eczema. However, I only applied it in tiny quantities because I've read that extensive use of it can thin the skin. I'm actually starting to believe my current condition might be a touch of eczema, brought on by the 'tane.

2. honey. Yes, regular bee's honey that I purchased from Walmart grocery section. I discovered this one day last week when I had misplaced my Burt Bee's Lip Balm (and y'all know we accutanees HAVE to have some lip balm!) Regular vaseline doesn't work too well on my lips because it only "greases" them, but gives no softness of a moisturizer. In desparation, I applied a little honey with my pinkie finger to my lips. To my surprise the inflammation that had my lips burning went away, and it gave the look of lip gloss to boot! Plus my lips stayed moisturized until my next meal. So now I've been using honey more than the Burt's Bees--but just on my lips. This would probably work for my itching skin too, but obviously I can't walk around with sticky honey all over my face!

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know!

But other than the itching, flaking, and dryness, the 'tane continues to work wonderfully. Those ugly under-the-skin cysts continue to heal. I'll just be glad when they are completely flat to the skin so my makeup will work better in concealing them. Speaking of makeup, that's a whole 'nother post for another day!


Day 12

Hey, y'all :(

(That means "you all" to anyone unfamiliar w/ southern US lingo)

Welcome to my very first blog. When I first developed acne (age 12), my mom still called it "nature bumps." Nature bumps were supposed to go away after adolescence, but here I am at age 36 on my second round of accutane. (Wow! I must have had a looong adolescence, huh? :dance: LOL!)

Anyway, I underwent my first accutane therapy at age 23 and emerged like a champ (blood tests clear, no side effects except dry eyes and peeling lips, which ceased post therapy); the results were near miraculous. Absolutely beautiful skin! I recall getting compliments from all sorts of guys--black, white and in between.

Got married, had all three kids by age 34, but with each pregnancy, especially my last one--a boy (maybe his testosterone aggravated it--who knows?) my acne breakouts got worse. So 13 years post accutane, I found myself back at square one.

Just like the first time I was on accutane, I'm seeing results already. The horrible, stubborn whiteheads and cysts are starting to dry up, healing from the inside. My natural skin is normally so oily, I could wash my face, stand at the mirror and literally watch the oil oozing from my pores within 10 minutes. Now, only my nose is a little oily, and I'm sure that will be corrected in time. After all, I'm only 12 days in!

Good luck to everyone on your various acne meds and home remedies. I'll keep this blog up to date at least bi weekly. More often, if I can. God bless!

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