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day 185

still going great! i think i now have better skin than most people i know.... :) what a complete 180!


day 93

my skin is basically perfect.... unless i provoke it in some way... but its so good that now i'm obsessed with my hair instead of my skin....

btw: i hardly ever even wash my face anymore... no need O_O


day 79

well that one little comedone was bugging the hell out of me and started to get a little red so i squeezed it out and its healing very quickly. yes, i have paid my dues and i'm fnally starting to reap the benefits of this powerful drug.

i almost never wash my face and all i use on my skin is a little moisturizer and mineral makeup... i met some people for the first time the other day that quickly commented on how nice my skin is... what?!?!?!?!?!? nice! O_O

i am happy to have started the retin-a as now i can work on preventing wrinkles (which i notice more in the absence of my acne)

i finally feel like i am a normal person again... accutane is definitely worth it


day 74

well every day is better and better. i easily extracted all but one tiny micro comedone, yes that's right, all thats left is one tiny little micro comedone! i am very pleased. also my skin is getting smoother and has better tone. i don't need makeup anymore!!! my red marks have all pretty much faded...

started taking 20 mg daily 2 days ago, and started using retin-a, which i will continue using every 3rd night til its safe to use every night.

i am one happy lady! and i will continue to send out positive vibes for you all!


day 70

well its been over a week since i last posted, so what does that say? that i'm doing well enough to not be a totally compulsive slave to the org! i love this place but it feels really good to have the confidence to be a part of the rest of the world again. i still have a few tiny closed comedones and a few red marks but absolutely nothing new/active. so i'm pretty happy!!!

i'm still taking 10 mg daily but since i have absolutely no dryness ( i don't even moisturize that often, i just use the cleocin lotion usuallly) i'm thinking to up it to 20 mg so maybe i can get off this stuff faster. i am also going to start adding retin a to my nighttime regimen soon.

i'm really really glad i started accutane, and believe me there was a point that i thought i'd never feel that way.


day 61

well things have definitely improved although certainly not perfect... still getting some minor breakouts but not nearly as bad as a few weeks ago. i don't have too much to update at the moment...

on a side note... i can't believe adam lambert did not win... so lame


day 58

my skin actually looks pretty damn good today! in fact, id go as far as to say that it looks the best it has looked in 6 months! :doh: i spot treated the red marks with retin a and i literally scratched off a dry layer this morning and they look so much better, awesome! i will continue this until they disappear completely. hope this continues on the same path but you never know with tane!


day 57

not too much change to report... still have the 2 spots i picked at, both are healing at the lovely, way too slow accutane speed... still have the one large closed comedone which hasn't changed at all - i have decided to take the optimistic outlook on that and just be grateful its not worse! and my right side is still littered with about 6 red marks that generally make it look pretty bad :doh:

i haven't noticed the bandages areas healing any faster really, however it does a very good job of protecting the spots from, well, ME! i can't mess with them if they are covered so...

i have an important even next saturday... i really don't want to spend the whole time feeling self conscious and unable to have fun so please please send me some positive energy! thanks!!!


day 56

as far as my experiment goes, i would have to say the results are inconclusive. i guess things are a little better but no miracles or anything.... i will do it again tonight.

my overall skin is better, much less comedones, smoother, more refined pores better tone and texture, BUT.... the red marks are nothing nice! i'm wondering about spot treating them with retin-a since i do have some. i will give it some more thought....

at least there is no new acne to report, just the lingering crime scene from he past few months.


day 55

well i am now officially the dumbest person alive. knowing full well what the outcome would be, i still went ahead and picked and squeezed a barely noticeable little closed comedone, which actually turned out to be a cluster of them, which has now turned into a big angry red mess on my face. why am i so stupid???

AND... i didn't stop there... nooooo.... then i squeezed out one of the big comedones, i at least think i got it all out but now its a flat red, very red, mark, and of course it looks worse than when it was a flesh colored bump.... stupid, stupid, stupid

so now i am probably looking at about a week of, you guessed it, hiding from the rest of the world...

not exactly what i had envisioned for week 8.... :doh:

UPDATE: i have decided to use this experience (aka result of my incredible stupidity) as a opportunity to conduct a small research experiment. i am going to be testing out a few different products. on one of the spots i picked at i have it covered with neosporin cream and a bandage (overnight), on the other i have the neosprin ointment and bandage (doubt theres much difference but since i have both, what the hell.... then on a small under the surface bump i have prid's drawing salve and a bandage.... we'll see!


day 54

i ended up lancing that pimple on my lip and was able to gently coax out the hard little ball of pus (sorry i know thats gross) it has definitely gone down enough to be nicely covered with mineral makeup, and it doesn't hurt at all now :doh:

i also lanced the 2 macrocomedones on my cheek but i did not squeeze them at all, just poked one tiny hole in the hope that the BP/Cleocin would penetrate and knock them out... well, no such luck there! they are a tiny bit red now but not really much different than before. I wonder what will happen there! i'm a little scared....

the closed comedones seem to be improving a little... i think... i really don't know anymore

one thing i did notice last night is that i was itchy as hell... i thought it was maybe the PRID's drawing salve at first but i'm not sure now because i only had that on 3 tiny spots on my right side and every single part of my face was really really itchy? maybe bringing back the BP did it? my skin is not dry at all so, who knows! i'm hoping that by friday i look better... this is really getting old

*for the sake of truly being accurate for those who rely on my journal for reference, my skin is actually not that bad right now, i am just a super perfectionist and can tend to exaggerate from time to time. you can only really see imperfections in direct sunlight, so thats a long way from say weeks 4-5 where i barely left my house day or night! so to be fair, the accutane is definitely helping, i never get inflamed acne anymore, although i certainly can cause it if i want to! (don't pick!!!!)


day 53

so i messed with a small bump on the edge of my lip and now its not such a small bump, more like a medium RED bump... i hate when i get pimples close to my mouth! kind of looks like i did something nasty to "earn" it if you know what i mean... i bought some "PRID drawing salve" and have put it on that as well as two large non-inflamed comedones on my cheek, we'll see what happens...

i have also decided to reintroduce BP to my regimen because i feel like stopping that might be what contributed to the recent influx of closed comedones, and since my skin isn't dry at all, well, why not see if it helps? but hopefully i can get to the point where its not necessary seeing as thats why i got tane in the first place. Dans reg kept me the clearest i had ever been for years but i just don't want to be dependent on that kind of reg forever, its rather consuming... plus it ruined all of my bedding, towels and shirts!

i have already survived almost 2 months on this drug and the closer i am to getting clear, the longer the days seem to take! like watching paint dry! i want it so bad i can taste it! i'm hoping that it might finally be uphill from here, i would like to feel good about being out in daylight once in a while!

fingers crossed.. fingers crossed.. fingers crossed


day 52

my right side seems to be way worse than my left... there are about 30 closed comedones that are only really visibly in direct sunlight, but then they are REALLY visible and really horrible looking. i have about 3 really large ones (i think they are called macrocomedones) and i'm just hoping they don't get angry and red! i also have a decent cluster of the small ones on the left side of my chin under my mouth.

it seems like they look worse with makeup on, but its a catch 22 because my red marks are terrible without it... uuuuugghh!!!

I am at week 7 (& 1/2!) shouldn't this have subsided by now? i'm pretty depressed about the whole thing... i had like 1 week of nice skin and now back to the isolating world of acne..

does anyone have any experience with these closed comedones and accutane, what i should expect? will they eventually all burst into full blown cysts or something? or just sit and linger, giving me sandpaper skin forever?


day 51

so basically my latest "breakout" is all non-inflamed acne. i guess i'm grateful to some degree to not have huge, painful, red ones and everything but the little bumps and poor skin texture combined with the red marks are pretty depressing too. i still can't believe the rapid skin changes on this drug! it's just crazyyyyyy.

once again, last week i thought i was in the clear... and although there is some progress, i think i might really have to wait another month before i'm able to really relax. it seems that month 3 is the real turn around point for most. i'm only actually beginning week eight so... i guess i should also be prepared for the worst as many people don't report clearing til month 5 or 6.... you just never know!

anyways, keep for fingers crossed for me as i will for you! much love to everyone....


day 50

ok... i spoke too soon.... i think i'm headed for another rough patch here. i have a lot more closed comedones around my mouth and on my chin. i hate them, they are so gross. i have 3 potential actives (still to early to tell, they are slightly red/swollen don't know what will happen with them) plus my red marks are recharged and looking pretty bad. uuuugghh!

its still pretty early in my course so i won't get too hopeless and discouraged yet... but yeah, this really sucks! :doh:


day 48

well like everything in life, tane has its ups and downs... my skin is still looking very good but the fading red marks did a turn around for some reason and are getting more red again.. ??? weird but no biggie, a little makeup covers them up nicely. a few tiny clogged pores here and there but again, no sweat!

my lips are doing pretty good as long as i remember to drink lots of water. i have no dryness to my skin whatsoever. i use jergens natural glow in the day and at night i load on jojoba. i'm still using and loving my cleocin t both am and pm.

i am also not nearly as tired and run down as i was last month, guess my body is adapting? not sure but not complaining...


day 46

things are better and better everyday. my skin is so much more smooth and even, it feels like baby skin... i can't even believe i'm writing this!!!

i do need to apply the aquaphor pretty regularly or my lips will shrivel up and fall off, and my hair has turned to fried out hay, but quite frankly, thats a small price to pay in my opinion.

i still have those 2 fading red marks that don't really bother me at all at this point. i have NO pores, none, anywhere on my face, they just up and left! awesome!!!!

i can't believe how fast this happened. i will never take this for granted, never!!!


day 44

things are definitely looking much better and my skin feels so much softer and smoother. i still have some faded red marks and a few clogged pores but for the most part i'm in great shape and i'm reminding myself to be very grateful for every good day.

i'm still on 10 mg daily and will continue this as long the results are good. i also started using olay gentle foaming cleanser which is quite nice and i have been continuing the cleocin t, which could very well be the real reason i'm clear. ? also trying to keep the h20 levels very high.

right now my biggest complaint is definitely the dry lips. how happy does that make me?!?! pretty fucking happy! :doh:

its crazy to think that a week ago i wanted to quit life all together. i was very regretful of starting tane but now i'm starting to see the benefit. so fellow taners: don't lose hope! i know how hard it can be but try to keep your eye on the prize, it will happen!

peace and love to everyone! i'm sending out the + vibes to you all!


day 41

last day of week 6 and my skin is looking much better. i said it before but really, its amazing what a difference a day can make. i still have 1 healer, some fading red marks and 2 questionable small bumps but it is definitely an improvement and i feel comfortable being in the world again - something for which i will NEVER take for granted. i'm going steady with 10 mg daily for now.

i worked out yesterday at a lower intensity than usual and made it through quite well but today my body is feeling it, which could just be cause its the first time in 2 weeks. i still believe water intake is essential in this process and recommend anyone on tane- or not on tane for that matter- gulp down as much as you can. imagine if it was labeled "acne healing drink" how much of it we would all consume, and even pay a bunch more for?? well thats essentially what it is so grab some and drink up! i find that buying the 1.5 liter bottles i usually drink the most, refilling the bottle 2 or 3 times a day, thats more than a gallon!

i want to sincerely thank anyone who send out a positive vibe for me and also ask for continued support. i try to do it for all sufferers on a regular basis. never under estimate the power of positive energy!


day 40

things are starting to heal a bit, i can at least cover most up with mineral makeup although in certain angles/sunlight it still looks pretty bad. i do feel like upping the dose to 10 mg daily was a good idea, but again, i am more tired and have way more muscle soreness than before. i'm going to try to work out today and see how that goes.

i love my clindamycin and i personally believe thats the reason for the recent improvements. But it is the end of week 6 which seems to be a common time for tane to start become an ally instead of an enemy so, who knows?

at least i'm not as depressed as i was the other day but i'm sure that was more do to the condition of my face and not accutane induced. acne makes me far more depressed than any drug ever could, of that im 100% sure.

i want to also note that i think its very very critical to drink lots and lots and LOTS of water. in the past 2 days i have consumed more than a gallon every day and that may also be helping with the healing. water is by far the most healing element on earth! also, i know that tane causes sun sensitivity but i truly believe that some UV exposure is very very helpful and i have been getting about 1-2 hours of exposure (with sunblock and hat) for the past few days as well. after all, the sun gives us life, right? just don't overdo it.

most most most important for anyone on tane... DON"T TOUCH YOUR FACE! and i don't just mean don't pick at it, don't touch it at all if possible. when i get the urge to touch it very strong i try to instead just splash some cool water on it and it seems to help curb it. i know its weird but it seems to do the trick and my skin likes me so much more for it...

i would like to ask anyone reading this for their positive energy... i really need it :doh: ... thanks


day 38

things are pretty rough... quite a few red marks on either side and below my mouth. it looks terrible. i hate what tane does to the skins ability to heal! i used to have red marks for a few days tops, now i think i own them permanently. i also noticed my skin looks thicker and rougher especially next to my nose, the pores are more visible. ??? i look.. unhealthy, like i drink alot or something. i am on week 6 now, when is it going to get better????

i decided that i'm actually going to do the 10 mg daily for a while, since my skin is not dry at all.

i am also taking fish oil and acidophilus daily, i have cut out my multi due to the vitamin a, and added just plain old vit c 1000mg

also, i have been using jergens tinted moisture which helps a bit with blending the red marks. its funny because my skin feesl a little better but actually looks worse... go figure


day 37 & 1/2

update: its worse. just looked in the mirror, more pustules around mouth! wtf!!! why was my skin better for like a week and now its going the opposite direction??? this is ruining my life. honestly, i am so depressed that i don't even know how i'm going to handle waking up tomorrow.... this is no way to live


day 37

still recovering from the IB, wait, this is the second IB so its not an "I"B i guess... its a 2B? hope there isn't a 3B and 4B!!! anyways my face still looks shitty but is showing signs of healing, SLOW healing.

the red marks that get left behind when you're on 'tane are ridiculous! I never had red marks like this, plus the area that they re in gets kind of depressed or more shallow than the rest so it looks soooooo bad. can't really do much with makeup... wish i could wear a mask :doh:

on the plus side, there are no newbies, my skin looks a little less oily and like its becoming more even. god knows i have studies every square millimeter of it! i can't wait for the day that i'm not totally obsessed with my skin! its very consuming...and depressing.


day 36

well, i think cleocin t is pretty effective! i swear it started working about an hour after i first applied it. it does make things a bit more flakey though. but today the top layer of my huge pustule just peeled right off. i actually don't know if thats good or not but it looks a little better, so??? for now i at least don't have anything new surfacing. we'll see!

i am becoming pretty withdrawn and depressed. that sucks. i hope it doesn't get worse.

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