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Hi, Everyone, just a status update on things. The weather has gotten cooler and I think that this is helping my skin. I have been having less breakouts, maybe because of less oil production? My skin is looking quite nice, with the occasional breakout here and there. I have now been doing Dan's regimen about once an evening every week, and this has been enough to help keep my skin clear. I don't think I could get away with this in the summertime, but it seems to be working this season. I consider myself lucky, and I hope that I am not going to jinx myself by reporting on this!

I have recently made a switch to my morning regimen (which I am doing everyday)-- wash my face in the shower using Dan's Cleanser, then shave at the sink with Aveeno shaving cream (the non-comedogenic one). Then I follow-up with a pump and a half of the Eucerin SPF daily moisturizer Dan recommends, mixed with 4-5 drops of jojoba oil and a 1/2 pump of Dan's moisturizer all mixed in my palm and then applied. The Eucerin on its own with just a little jojoba does not soak into my skin too well (leaves it looking white), but I think using a little less and incorporating Dan's moisturizer helps it to soak in.

Most of the time in the evenings I have been skipping washing my face. About once or twice a week I do Dan's regimen with his products as I have most previously posted.

I am still enjoying my shaves using the Trac II/Bump Fighter handle combo. I was going to consider trying a DE razor again, and I had one loaded with a fresh blade and chickened out. The first time back with a DE I usually scrape myself, or nick myself, and I did not want to do that if my current setup is working fine for me. I have been incorporating shaving cream because it is a more comfortable shave than just using Dan's soap. It also is not as close of a shave using shaving cream, but for me this is a good thing because it helps prevent ingrowns for me. One of my wishes is for Dan from Acne.org, and the guy from NancyBoy.com (Eric) to get together and make an awesome non-comedogenic shaving cream. Nancy Boy has some of the best shaving creams on the planet! I think Dan and Eric are both in San Fran. Come one, guys, get your heads together and do this!

Also, I am really waiting for Dan to make a nice SPF moisturizer like probably everyone else. Now that Olay Complete is gone, nothing else is really that great I have tried. I stopped using the Olay Defense because it was so damn expensive. The Eucerin gives you at least double the amount for about the same price I think.

Other than that, I think my overall health has improved some. I worked like a dog the last 5-6 months, did not get good sleep, I was under a lot of stress, and I did not really breakout. I did Dan's regimen about once a week as reported, and was not even washing my face most evenings. I am not recommending this, as this did not even work for me when I was trying to clear my skin. However, I think my skin (and general health) have been doing better from a new breathing technique I am doing called "pranic breathing". This is a special breathing technique that is supposed to raise energy levels, help boost your general health/immune system, and help clear your mind for at least a little bit. I cannot say that this has helped my skin, but since I have been doing this I have not really gotten sick and my skin appearance is improved. I am going to continue this and will report back if my skin stays good along with my general health...

Take care everyone


I have been using Olay Complete Defense, and now it is ok. I don't like it as much as the Olay Complete, but it is a worthy substitute. I believe the active ingredient is zinc oxide, so it is "safe" as well.

I saw Dan's post on DE razors. These are not the type of tools to write-off after one shave. They require a completely different technique than cartridge razors. They also do better with a good shaving cream/soap, and not Dan's foamy soap. Also, the razor Dan was showing is a Merkur adjustable, so this begs the question whether he had the razor open too much when he used it. That Merkur is actually a very good razor, and since it is adjustable, it can be made as aggressive or mild as one would like. I think many DE shavers would say that an old Gillette off of e-Bay is better than a Merkur, especially for a beginner. I have liked Merkur razors better than Gillettes though. Dan was also showing in the picture Merkur blades. These are regarded by a minority of DE shavers as the best blade out there. The majority usually like different blades that are sharper. So, Dan, if you didn't like your shave, don't write it off because DE shaving takes a couple of weeks to learn, usually at a minimum. I am going to pull out my old DE shaver today to see if I lost my technique!

Take care everyone!


Olay, Olay...Olay, Olay

Hi, Everyone,

It has been awhile since my last post. My face has pretty much cleared up. I am actually just doing Dan's regimen once every other evening, 1 pump of BP. In the morning and off nights I just follow the regimen but without the BP. This has stopped any redness/irritation from the BP, and has been enough to clear my skin.

My problem of late is that Olay Complete is not sold anymore with the zinc oxide formulation. I cannot get it anywhere around me. I got a smaller (and more expensive) SPF 30 Olay Complete Defense. This is a little more greasy and I have started breaking out a little from it actually. I don't know if my skin needs time to adjust or what. Any suggestions?!?


So, I have to say, I really miss Dan's daily videos. Every day I would wonder the following 3 things: (1) is Dan going to post a new "daily" video; (2) will it be a cool topic like showing how to do the full regimen over a fast-forwarded 15 minutes, or a crappy one like wear a hat dudes; (3) was Dan's new "friend" (Kent?) going to make the video? I was always interested in hearing Kent's story - a fellow member with sensitive skin who seems to have gotten past that along with his acne. Just how did Kent progress? How long did it take him to build up to 2 pumps, or is he resigned to no more than 1 pump like me?

So I tried to replace that visit time with going through the community boards, but I have had enough of the same kinds of posts. Getting to feel like been there, done that kids. I just feel like my acne crave is just not getting its fill anymore. See, for me, clearing my skin and the topic of acne has become an OBSESSION of mine. I have read through all of Dan's sections. I have read the community posts enough to have seen the same questions and answers from Cool As Kim and C'est La V 10 times each. The only thing left "fresh" was watching Dan's videos. I have no one I can really interact or talk to about my acne obsession, so Dan's video was a way for me to share my obsession with someone else, even though it may have been one-sided. Dan truly oozes acne, and his passion is 100x more than mine. I think of late, though, the videos seemed more of a burden than anything for him, because how many new topics can one do daily? Now that there are not any new videos, my reaction to the site and my obsession has been withdrawal. I still visit the site, and read the community board, but only to see the types of posts. I have not been keeping up with the regimen at all. Work has been really busy for me, and so I have been averaging the regimen every third evening rather than pushing forward with every evening.

Even though I have pulled away from things a bit, my face is still on the path of clearing up. I don't want to jinx myself, but my skin is looking better than it has in a long time. Red marks have been fading. My red skin is pretty minimal, and peeling flaking is nil. I did use almost a full pump of BP a few days ago, and my skin did react to it and get redder than usual - I still need to be careful about increasing - but I have been lucky enough to find my own sweet spot. If I keep up with the regimen every other evening, I think that will keep me 95% clear. If I ever work up to every evening, I think I would get perfectly clear skin. If I start increasing my BP use again, that may cause more redness.

That's about it for now kids. Take care.


Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to use a half pump of BP two nights in a row, then I took Thursday night off because my skin was a little pinkish after Wednesday night, but nothing bad at all, and no flaking. I ended up taking a second night off of BP last night, but only because I fell asleep and when I woke up at 4:30A I was not in regimen mode. So for the first time in awhile, I am doing the regimen in the morning today. I'll likely then use BP Sunday night, and then test out 2 nights on, one night off, for a little while.

I really think that the secret to my recent success with BP is moisturization. The amount of Dan's moisturizer I am using in the evenings (1.5 pumps) is a lot more than the amount of Cetaphil I was using, and I am using a hell of a lot more jojoba oil - 10 drops in the evening, and 5 in the morning. I have been able to use Olay Complete in the mornings, but I think it is because my skin gets super moisturized in the evenings, so the Olay Complete and jojoba in the mornings is not great, but just enough.

Does my skin look oily from all of the jojoba...well it depends on whether you are talking morning or evening. In the morning, and for an hour after application, my skin looks shiny - but I would not say oily. And it definitely does not end up lasting shiny throughout the whole day. In the evenings, after Dan's BP and 10 drops of jojoba, my skin looks oily as all get out, but I really don't care at all because I am only getting ready to go to bed. I have not had any flaking issues, and of late no embarassing redness of skin.

With my ultra-sensitive skin, I have been taking the slow and steady approach. I am also a little lucky because I am an adult, I think ;-) , and my acne is only moderate, and so I am able to see results with every other night usage of BP. I still want to increase my usage to 0.5 pump every evening to just get my skin completely cleared, and then I will see if every other night will be able to maintain a clear complexion.

My intent on starting this blog was to discuss if going more slowly than Dan's guidelines would end up working for me because my skin is so sensitive. At this point, I think my skin is finally starting to adjust to the use of BP (after about 2 months?!?), but I think a key part to that success is really using Dan's moisturizer and jojoba in the amounts that he uses them (I followed what he said he did in his regimen week videos). I would really recommend using Dan's products. I have become a huge fan - I think his jojoba oil is a much higher quality than the stuff from GNC, and I like the consistency of his moisturizer better than the Cetaphil. That's all for now kids. I'll report back when I start increasing my BP usage and see how my skin reacts to it.


Allergic to BP

So I have officially determined I am not allergic to BP. My face today after using two pea-sized amounts of BP was only slightly pink, and the inner arm test from the last three nights has not caused any kind of crusting, swollenness or even pinkness.



I used slightly larger than a pea-sized amount of BP on my face last night, and today I woke up with a slight tinge of pinkness, but after my shower my face did not get any more red, and it looked pretty normal actually. I am not sure if I am finally getting used to the products, or if the acne.org moisturizer/jojoba oil is helping, but it seems I have turned my first corner since trying BP again!

I also tested a nickel amount on the inside of my forearm last night. So far so good, but I will try again the next couple of evenings.

Tonight I take the night off from BP, and will be back on it Tuesday evening. If Wednesday morning I do not get red, I will be increasing the amount of BP that I use to 1/2 a pump. Baby steps, my friends, baby steps!

Oh, and by the way, my face is really starting to look good. Because I have been using BP fairly consistently, my face is clearing up aside from little pimples that pop up (but do not look bad). Also, my face is handling the jojoba oil pretty well, and is not keeping the oily look as long as it was before.


DK Products

Hi, Everyone!

So I got Dan's products on Tuesday of this week. Here are my impressions:

1) Acne.org Cleanser

Pros: I love the pump format; the cleanser does not overdry, but neither did my Basis soap bar; the cleanser lathers very, very nicely and I like to shave with it

Cons: has a slimy feel to it when rinsing, and feels like it takes forever to rinse off - ultimately this is not a big deal to me, but is a minor complaint, but I guess that might be due to the lather quality?

2) Acne.org Treatment (I am still using what I have left of my first bottle I received months ago)

Pros: this seems to be helping my skin

Cons: I can only use every other evening because it is strong for me; because I can only use every other evening, on the "off" nights I can sometimes get small pimples; makes my skin red; sometimes can irritate my skin and cause more breakouts around my chin or on my temples

3) Acne.org Moisturizer

Pros: less heavy than Cetaphil

Cons: I am not sure it works as well as the Cetaphil on its own - I have been mixing with jojoba oil each application, so do not have a true sense of how it stacks up; I have switched to Olay Complete + jojoba in the mornings, and so I am not sure if my skin will stay moisturized enough with just this and jojoba in the evenings

4) Acne.org Jojoba Oil

Pros: the bottle is awesome; mixes very nicely, and smells very nice (a little minty to me or something)

Cons: none; if I compare this oil to the GNC oil I purchased, it looks and smells nicer, and I like it better on my face, but I ultimately cannot say it is working better than the GNC product - however, it is definitely worth it if you are getting other DK products

Overall, I am very happy with the Daniel Kern products and plan on using them exclusively. As far as the BP, I really don't think I am allergic to BP, but rather just have sensitive skin and need to keep riding this out. My redness after using BP comes not when I wake up, but after I shower and then wash my skin and shave and put moisturizer on. My face is red, and then slowly loses its redness by the early afternoon. That seems to me to just be dryness/slight irritation and not an allergic reaction, but I don't really know. Maybe the dab test will be in my immediate future to try to get a better idea?!? I hate to write off the BP at this point because I am seeing improvement in my skin when it is not red. There was a time when I was able to withstand a full pump two evenings straight, and then one evening off, so I think I just need to keep giving my skin a chance?


Quick Update

So I have been using a pea-sized amount of Dan's BP every other night, and the day after BP application my face is pink, but then my skin loses pinkness by the evening. Then the next day (after skipping BP) my skin is not pink and it looks really nice. I am going to keep this up until my skin does not have the redness from BP.

I put in my order for Dan's large kit, an extra cleanser (that I am going to use as shampoo), and jojoba oil. I am afraid I am not going to like Dan's jojoba oil anymore than my GNC jojoba oil, but I just had to try it anyway. Once I finish up Dan's bottle of jojoba, then I will pour my GNC one in there and use that up. I just wanted to have a nicer bottle to use for pouring out the jojoba.

Other than that, nothing else too new. Take care everyone. Next time I report back will be after trying Dan's cleanser, moisturizer and jojoba...


Pea-Size Amount

I have been using a pea-size amount of BP every other day of late. Every day was a little much, so had to take it down. My skin looks pretty nice, and is not overly red. I have broken out with a few pimples, but overall things have been looking pretty good.

Pretty soon I am going to order the full slew of acne.org products. My Basis cleansing bar is pretty low, and I have 1/3 of a bottle of Cetaphil left, so instead of replenishing at the store, I might as well order Dan's products. Now that the weather is getting warmer, the Cetaphil moisturizer really does feel thick, so I am looking forward to trying the DKR moisturizer. I also plan on using his cleanser as a shampoo because my shampoo is a little low.

On another topic, interestingly, Dan's regimen week videos do not show him using Olay Complete as part of the regimen. I thought he used that in the morning, especially if he is going out? I would have expected at least a comment on sunscreen. Does he use Olay Complete + jojoba oil in the morning usually? When he does use Olay Complete, does that replace the DKR moisturizer? I apologize to the millions of my readers if he did comment and I was not paying attention.

Take care everyone


1) cannot agree more about the Bump Fighter + Atra 2 blades. Just wonderful. I am really afraid now that I have found something great Gillette is going to stop making Atra 2 blade. I know they have been around for awhile, but just my luck!

2) after hearing Dan say just use a pea-sized amount of BP, I am trying that out every evening instead of 1/2 a pump every 3rd night. Last night was the first time I used BP 2 nights in a row, and my face is looking ok today (not red or irritated). 1/2 a pump is quite a bit of BP.


So I have not had anything to really update. I am using a 1/2 pump of BP every third evening. My face gets red the next day, and then needs 2 days to recover from the redness. Each time I use BP, my face seems to be getting a little less red the next day, but it is still on the verge of really getting irritated, so I definitely know I cannot be using BP every other evening yet. The purging from the BP is lessening. I do not have any red irritation next to my right eye anymore the day after using BP, but today I did have an irritated area on the skin to the left of my lip, which I had not gotten after the two previous applications of BP. It is later in the day, though, and the irritated area looks better, so no real worries because in the past that irritated area would last the whole day.

Just to reiterate my plan, I am going to keep using a 1/2 pump of BP every 3rd evening until I get very minor pinkness and my skin does not feel dry or itchy the day afterward. Then I am not sure from there whether I should increase the dosage (3/4 of a pump and then work up to full pump every third night), or if I should increase the frequency (1/2 pump every other night). Any other sensitive skin people with ideas? Last time I increased the frequency to every other night, and then every night, but then when I started to increase the dosage it was way too much for my skin and I had to just stop BP altogether, so this time around I am leaning toward increasing the dosage amount and keep on every third evening, and then eventually once the dosage levels off and I do not want to increase it anymore, then increase the frequency...


Taking it slower

So tonight I saw the Beyonce movie, Obsessed. I have not been to the movies in almost a year, so I was just happy I was finally at the movies again. There is something about watching women fight/wrestle. I cannot look away, even if it is just two women with a handful of hair and not a whole lot of action. Maybe it is because when growing up I watched G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling). Anyone else watch that growing up who now also like to watch women fight?!? Am I really aging myself here?!?

So when the wifey and I got home, for various reasons I did not feel like doing the regimen, but tonight is the night for it, and I am happy to say I was not lazy. I am now doing the regimen once every third evening (taking 2 nights off and then doing it). Every other night was not only making my skin pink, but a bright and burned red the next day, and my skin did not have enough time to recover. And that is just using 1/2 a pump! So we will see how every third night goes...

Other odds and ends:

- So far this time around my neck has been fine. I think it was the jojoba oil carrying the BP all the way down to the base of my neck and irritating it badly. I really do not think jojoba oil works, but are they all the same? I have the GNC brand, so could Dan's work better? I don't believe so as I would imagine all jojobas are created equal, aside from the organic issue.

- I have not been using AHA+. Have not really needed it either. I am not getting new breakouts to spot treat, and I am not sure AHA helps the fading marks or not.

- At the rate I am using Dan's BP, it is going to be awhile before I place another order from him. I really want to try his cleanser and moisturizer.

- The Atra II blades remain smooth for a long time. I have been getting 5-6 shaves with them. I get a little irritation at the base of my neck when they start getting a little too dull. Great blades though. The Sensor Excel blades are great and smooth too, but just irritate the heck out of me.

That's about it for now. This week was not nearly as stressful as the previous, so I hope that helps my skin. Have a good weekend.

- Mr. Smooth


So far so good on this round of the regimen. Here is my routine -


Basis Bar Soap and Shave with Bump Fighter/Atra II Plus combo

Moisturize 50% Olay Complete/50% Cetaphil Lotion


Basis Bar Soap

Every other evening Dan's BP (1/2 pump)

Cetaphil Lotion

I read one of the stickies giving advice on how to do the regimen. One thing I took to heart was the advice (maybe from Cool as Kim Deals or Brandi?) of starting slow, and not upping the amount of BP you use until your skin can handle the current amount...i.e., if you are having redness and peeling and flaking with the current amount you are using, do not up the dosage until your skin can handle that amount. I did not take this conservative of an approach last time, but I think my skin needs this approach. So far, I think it is working pretty well. Last time I applied BP, my skin was pink and a little itchy, but I did not get more purging and redness in some areas like I did the times before. I applied some BP tonight, and there was minimal burning, so I think my skin is starting to adjust. I may need another week at just a 1/2 pump every other night before my skin totally adjusts.

The other change I have done to the regimen is stopping usage of jojoba oil. It never really seemed to moisturize my skin and prevent flaking, and it was a pain because I was not using Dan's jojoba, but one from GNC that I had to use with an eye dropper. I was always rinsing and cleaning the eye dropper, and it was always out on my counter drying, and it was just becoming a pain, especially for something that did not necessarily seem to be working all that well for me. Actually, in the morning my skin seems better moisturized when I use Olay Complete mixed with Cetaphil.

I am also still using AHA+ as a spot treater. I have just been getting a little pimple here or there, and the AHA+ seems to help it out. Since I have been back on using BP, no new bad breakouts...


My skin is pretty sensitive and red right now because I used a 1/2 pump of BP Friday night...so I took Dan's quiz and rewatched his videos, and came to the conclusion I currently may be using too much pressure when I wash my skin, apply BP, and my moisturizer. I am going to restart Dan's regimen with a focus on going light with my touch. I think I just forgot how important this is.

Starting this morning, I am going to do the following regimen:


Basis Bar Soap Cleanser


Mix of 4 drops jojoba oil, 1/2 pump of Cetaphil lotion, and a dallop of Olay Complete


Basis Bar Soap Cleanser

BP (1/4 to 1/2 pump every other evening this week)

Mix of 7 drops jojoba oil and full pump of Cetaphil lotion

We'll see how it goes! I tried the lighter touch this morning, and my face seemed to like me a little better for it, but I am still red (just not as bad). I also bought the Eucerin redness remover lotion. I might try throwing that into the mix as well from time-to-time.

My shaves are going to consist of a Bump Fighter handle and Gillette Trac II Plus blades. This is just an amazing combination. After two shaves I am not ever using anything else until they stop making the Trac II blades. They feel so great and smooth, and no irritation due to spring-loaded blades on my neck area!


I experimented with the Gillette Sensor Excel blades (in place of the CVS blades). The Gillette blades are spring-loaded, so they conform better to your face. I found that these blades are not as sharp as the CVS blades, but they are smoother feeling. Because of the spring-loading, though, they cause major irritation in my neck area. I have a lot of flat, sideway, growing hairs that cannot get lopped off too close to the skin or else I get razor bumps. The Gillette blades cause this, reminding me why I stopped using them last time. I think I can use them on my face, but definitely not my neck area. I am now still fighting some irritation in my neck area. I have gone back to the CVS blades for now, and will likely continue with these or the Bic Disposable double-bladed razors.

Dan's video on the do-nothing regimen is interesting. I am not sure why I get my acne - irritation from harsh products or "true" acne. Since I started using the Basis bar soap, and Olay Complete + jojoba sans BP my skin has not really broken out, but I have been afraid to go cold turkey from BP because if I do not use BP for a week, my face gets itchy feeling like it is going to break-out. Then I use the BP once, and my face gets a different itchy like it is dry/irritated itchy, but then I no longer have the about to break-out badly itchy. I still consider myself to have mild-to-moderate acne, and I feel like I need something every once in awhile. I don't know what would happen if I just stopped BP altogether. If I washed my face consistently 2x a day, maybe I would never feel like I need BP, which is something I am going to try in the upcoming weeks as I have fallen off of the wagon a bit of late.

I recently flew to New York and back, and for the first time in awhile I was able to fly and not break out. I credit the BP for this...


AHA+ and Moisturizer

Tonight I used Dan's AHA+ as an evening treatment. In the past I was putting a little on my fingertip at a time, and spreading it around, adding small amounts to my fingertip as needed. Tonight I squeezed an entire line out on my finger, and this amount was definitely more than I had previously ever applied. I am going to be waiting nervously to see if the dreaded AHA+ purging takes place.

My skin was a little itchy about 10-15 minutes afterward, so I followed my AHA+ application with Cetaphil lotion + 7 drops of jojoba oil. It sounds like most just apply AHA+ and then nothing else after, but I have been using lotion and jojoba afterward, and my skin definitely does not feel over-moisturized...



Today I had gotten a couple of new pimples in the morning, but applying AHA+ to them has shrunk them down to almost nothing by this afternoon. The one looked like it might have been a big one on my nose too. Now it is next to nothing. Thank you AHA!

Tonight I am going to apply AHA as a treatment to my whole face because the last time I did this was last Monday. Other than that, my skin is looking nice for me...no real bad or worrysome spots that make me not want to be visible in public.

Soon I am going to get some Gillette Sensor Excel blades to shave with. If memory serves me correct, they usually cause ingrowns on my neck which is why I stopped using them. Not sure if that would be different now that I seem to have adjusted pretty well to 2-bladed cartridges. Currently I am using the CVS branded Gillette knock-offs, and Bic Advantage (nice because a fixed head, but can only use once or twice because the blades are so crappy).


First off, I liked Dan's video on shaving. Many think that double edged razors (DE) (single edged) are the way to go for getting rid of irritation, and DE razors have helped my neck irritation in the past, but they have caused my face to break out. I have been finding the 2-bladed razor like the Excel is working nicely. However, I have always used the knock-off blades (CVS). I find them ok, but can only get 3 good shaves out of them. I am really interested in using the Gillette branded blades, but these are 2x as much as the knock-offs, and I don't really think I will be able to get 6 shaves from them. Also, doesn't bacteria grow on the blades after awhile? Really looking for a reco by Dan on how many times to use the same blade. What about dipping the blade in alcohol? Too much work for me though!

I am coming off of a very stressful week. It started Sunday...I was averaging 3-4 hours of sleep a night from Sunday night through Thursday night. Work was crazy busy. I have to say, for the most part my skin held up. I got one new pimple, and I caught it too late to put AHA on it. Wednesday and Thursday I put some AHA on some other things forming, and they went away. I am still really afraid my face is going to break out though because it looks like some old acne is more evident today (complexion does not look as good as earlier in the week), so this afternoon I used BP. My face looked better after using it. I am going to see how my face holds up. I think I am going to use BP once a week to oxygenate my skin, because I think the BP works, but Dan's regimen is too much for my skin to handle. While my skin looks clearer today, I can already see my skin looking aged from the BP. My forehead looks more wrinkly when I use it. I guess there are some give and takes! But as Dan said, stress causes acne, but BP can override it which is why I am using BP for today. Maybe that will help stop anything?

As far as AHA, I used AHA as a moisturizer on my face Monday night, and have not really been washing in the evenings the rest of this week. I did one time this week because my face felt a little itchy. The AHA has been working wonderful for me as a spot treatment.

Other than that, nothing new. So far not using BP everyday or every other day has not resulted in any bad breakouts...just one pimple, but that could be more from stress than my reduced regimen.

Take care everyone, and stay clear!


Where I am at

Hi, Everyone,

I have decided to post my own blog to discuss how my acne is coming along. I tried the DKR regimen for a few months, and I started having adverse reactions to the BP. The BP was helping contain my acne breakouts, but my skin was not only getting flaky but very red and irritated with low amounts of BP. The final straw was when I took a week off from using BP, and then a half a pump my first time back made my neck very blotchy when I did not even apply any to that area, and around my chin was very red, itchy and blotchy. At this point I decided I might be allergic to BP.

So now I am doing the following:

Cleansing (morning and night): Basis Bar Soap

Treatment: every third evening Dan's AHA+

Moisturizer: morning - Olay Complete + Cetaphil + jojoba oil (4-5 drops); evening - Cetaphil + jojoba oil (6-8 drops)

Right now my skin has lost a lot of redness since stopping the BP, and my face is clearing up. Anytime it seems like I am getting an isolated pimple, I apply the AHA+ as soon as I can and that helps thwart the new breakout.

Right now I feel like I am rolling the die with my skin. Even though it is looking better than it has in months, I am just waiting for the next bad breakout once I get exposed to some more stress at work and lack of sleep. I will update from time-to-time as my skin either continues to clear or worsens, or as I make modifications to my own regimen. Right now I am experimenting with only using the Olay Complete + jojoba in the mornings. Now that I am not using BP, I am trying to see if my skin will still get flaky with only Olay Complete and jojoba. The Olay does a nice job of removing redness from my face. I think my skin looks better when I use it in place of the Cetaphil, but it just has never controlled flaking, even with the addition of the jojoba.

As far as my own wish list, I really want Dan's jojoba oil because the container is great, but it is $12 to ship it, so I got some jojoba from GNC and I am using a little dropper to extract the jojoba and measure the drops precisely. This is a pain in the butt, but I am waiting for my supplies to go down some more, and then I plan on ordering several items from Dan: Moisturizer, jojoba oil, AHA+ and Cleanser.

That's it for now. Best of luck to everyone in their efforts!


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