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holy god a bug just flew on my face... on my effing face

anyway i don't know what I'm doing on this website it takes me like 20 minutes to figure out how to post a new entry blah blah i'll just cut to the chase

so i've developed a CRAZY picking urge. It has never ever in all my years of acne has been this compelling. I mean I will literally be trying to tell myself to stop and thinking about whats going to happen if I keep going as I continue to pick. I'm never satisfied until something comes out and sometimes it's just not ready to come out so it leaves a huges ugly mess on my face that last for quite some time. Not to mention my skins healing a little slower then normal due to the accutane so i've got red marks gallore. On top of that, because I leave such nasty pusy inflamed patches it forces me to wear my cheap mineral makeup which doesn't look so good on my super dry skin. In attempt to fix that I've used olive oil twice as a mosturizer idk I'm always paranoid about what I do which for instance I usually leave on my makeup from the day when I exercise (i wipe off asap with a moist paper towel untilll i get home though) and I'm paranoid that it'll clog my pores but i wouldnt dare let anyone see my face... specially my man :)

i hate my goblin skin :)

but i love these adorable smileys :doh:

pps. i got published in my school newspaper, i got a terrible haircut this weekend, anndddd my evil grandma wouldn't let me go out to a party

but i did watch legend of the seeker<3



So I'm actually ending my second week of Accutane. I saw my derm about 2 days ago and he told me to trying taking two 40mg a day but if it's too drying to go back to the original one. He gave me some AS (I effing HATE acne surgery so much, it's the only thing that gets ride of my comedones but it makes my face a mess for about 4 days) anyway blah blah blah i need to vent about how acne has raped my life..

soo, i have always been pretty shy person growing up and my past few years of crazy partying in my early adolescents has weirdly made me more assure and stable and i'm really ready to just be my own person and let my personality shinnnee but I can't mostly because of my acne and it's just that one string i need to cut :doh:. I had very jealous and conniving little c*nt friends that constantly feel the need to make their comments about it( which then lead me to slowly back away from them leaving me even more upset about myself) im in a class 2 hours a day full of girls with similar attitudes and i hold back my tongue to avoid the confrontation of my skin problem, as far as men i avoid them so much because of it I have a huge crush on an ..older man whom i only see when i'm working out and sweating which forces me to have even more problems because i feel my only way of dignity is wearing makeup. and makeup omg is a whole other problem..... NOTHING HELPS, this brand doesnt make my color.. this just looks terrible on my skin... regular fondation forget about

this ramble doesnt even scratch the surface or even justify what im going through at all


anyhow.... I have like no oil but my face is still weirdly shinny and when i mineral makeup the skin looks flakey. I use aveeno which before accutane has been a lot less generous with moisture then other brands but im wondering if thats whats causing the flakiness.. I guess my breakouts are slowed slightly but i deffinetly still have some

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