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I'm 22 years old and have recently been put on roaccutane.. for skin infections.. in between my thighs and under armpitts. I have been told by my dermatologist this is a form of acne, even though i have minimal pimples on my face, back and other usual places for acne. :(

I have tried Doxycycline, Dicloxacillan and Flucloxacillan as well as other ointments and creams... So apparently the last resort is Roaccuane. I am very concerned about this medicine, I have been taking it only 2 days, but I have long hair and don't want to lose it. Is there any statistics of people with side effects who use roaccutane?

I haven't found too many good things about this medicine online... Seen alot of videos of people saying its poison and they wish they hadn't taken it. I have had this skin problem for over 10 years, so I must say its nice to get an explanation, rather than script after script for things that clearly don't work.

Is there anyone out there, who has used roaccutane other than face acne successfully? :dance:

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