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hey lovee

SUPPLEMENTS **EXTREMELY IMPORTANAT** :ONE A DAY WOMEN'S MULTI-VITAMIN(one pill in the morning w/food) Zinc(50mg once a day) Vitamin-C (1,000 mg two times a day) Just started Chromium Picolinate (200mcg three times a day) to regulate blood sugar.

OVERVIEW:My insanely moderately severe (not just saying that, my derm. diagnosed me) inflammatory acne has not responded to anything I have ever used until now! Things ive tried and hasnt worked...Pro-Activ...everything from clean and clear...all spot treatments from clearasil...tea tree oil...burt's bees blemish stick roll-on...tretin-x (aka retin-a topical) ...clindamycin...tazorac...klaron lotion...every antibiotic under the sun even ones not used to treat acne i will try to list the ones i remember but there are soo many...minnocycline...doxycycline...augmentin...trimethoprim...cephalexin...azithromycin...and moreeee. Also have tried YAZ birth control pills for 4 months and they made my acne flare up like crazy i couldnt take it anymore so i quit that crap i went on them because i thought my acne was hormonal(which it is) but i didnt know that they dont work for everyone because different people have different hormone levels. Ive also tried aldactone(aka spironolactone) at 25mg didnt see any difference then at 50 mg felt it wasnt doing anything again so i boosted the dose up to 100 mg and my face went crazy once again but my back cleared up..SOO WEIRDD! My doctor took me off because there was a black box warning about high toxicity in rats that caused tumors he said at such a high dose and since it wasnt working he would stop it due to the long-term affects. I went to the derm. to start accutane and he tolld me that with my acne my face would explode with an initial breakout lasting up to 3 months I started balling my eyes out but signed all the papers for it anyways thinking this was the only thing left in the world for me. A few days later, I was researching hormonal acne and found *estrogen dominance/Progesteron deficiency* which I think I have . This means that even though my estrogen levels are normal I dont have enough progesterone to level out my hormones. I have almost all the symptoms...hypoglycemia, depression, anxiety, ACNE, cold hands and feet all the time even as im typing lol, PMS of course, heavy heavy bleeding during menstrual cycle, dark under-eye circles...the list goes on. Plus my mom had progesterone deficiency when she was younger and also has hypoglycemia, acne since she was very young and still does today shes 52, hypothyroidism, asthma, fibrocystic breast disease---> all of which are symptoms so she probably became deficient again after she stopped taking progesterone when she was 14. If this doesnt work I am literally screwed there is no hope for me. If anyone has any advice please helppp

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