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let's recap what happened over the last week boys and girls. :(

so far the regimen basically toned down my acne. made a few dissapear. you'd think wtf then why dont you keep using it?....right? that's what yerr thinking. but uhmm. let's see. it kinda. burned my face. oooh. i was warned of this before. i didn't listen, i thought maybe it was just them.

NAWT. it happened to me. REGIMEN= not for sensitive skin

and i dont think it would even work for severe acne.

or moderate.

or mild.

light. :dance:



great. off too lush cosmetics. i'm not even going for herbalism.

i'm trying something for sensitive skin. baby face.

talk to you then. :mad:


day two

day two. :dance:

my current eruptions have calmed down DRAMATICALLY. no more redness and pain. :dance: and i feel my main concered pimple (somewhere near the left lip area, not exactly there, but around there.) is going away. its smaller as well as the biggest zits. :(

& my skin is still extremely soft. :mad: like my skin was soft from the lovely bubz's (http://youtube.com/user/bubzbeauty) strawberry yogurt mask. and that also helps with the calming of acne. :boohoo: and helps (SLOWLY) heal acne. :dance:

kk, check in with you latuhh!

***hyperpigmitation page- sacilyic acid whitens asian skin. well i'm half filipino, and when i put origins spot remover (100% SA) on my leg acne, it whitened. :boohoo:

OH NO!watch out those of asian decent for SACILYIC ACID. (spell it wrong :dance:)?****


]i'm sick of these PiMPLES. :boohoo:

i have clogged pores in my t-zone area, they don't turn into anything, but it's not like there's only a few, there's an army of them, all there, for more than six years. :dance:

then i would get the occasional pimple. one enormous pimple. later on it became atleast five enormous pimples. :( then a little more. okkey then it stopped from there. (thank goodness) but that still leaves me with those huge zits. they'll take forever to go away, then three take it's place. i'm tired of wondering if people are looking at me, or my disgusting zits.

now the first day of the acne.org regimen.

cleanser- although it contains no fragrance, it has a faint strange smell to it.

benzoil peroxide- very light, not as thick as the others i've tried before. however it still emphasizes my pores, i can't really explain it, but my pores look bigger. :mad:

moisturizer- surprisingly not oily and light.

jojoba oil- feels smoother. :boohoo:

aha- in two days. but i put it below my jawline (as directed) for two days. but it's clear and has a little thickness.

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The Acne.org Regimen
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