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Day....9..I think? Yeah. Day 9.

So far everything is fantastic. The left side of my face is breaking out a little but the right side looks amazing. Not a blemish or anything. I can already see the texture of my skin getting better. I know next month and the month after is going to suck but I'm going to enjoy this false sense of security while I have it. The next two months are going to be tough but it'll be ok. I just have to remind myself what I'm doing this for.

My skin is a getting more dry but I've started putting on Baby Oil when I get out of the shower and that's very helpful. I also changed my facial cleanser from Clean and Clear to Cetaphil. It helps keep my face moisturized, so thats good. My lips are starting to hurt and itch really bad, I need to find a better lip balm...anyone have any suggestions?


First post

Hello to anyone who is actually reading this.

I wasn't going to keep a log but I decided to do it for my own personal satisfaction.

Right now I am on my 6th day of Sotret. For now I'm on 30mg twice a day, but next month its going to be 40mg twice a day. So far so good I think. My face hasn't started clearing up yet (of course) but I can tell my body is taking the medicine. My whole body is much more dry than usual and my lips itch really badly. I think thats the worst for me. The doctor said my lips will dry out really badly and will probably be the most inconvenient side effect, but so far they haven't dried out and are just really irritated. My face itches too, from the dry skin, but its nothing major. I must say I'm going to miss having soft skin for the next six months so I hope its worth it. I think I might take a picture everyday and keep so I can put together a morph-over-time type deal when its all over.

Anyways, check back in a few days for updates. I'm really gonna try and keep up with this blog.

Wow..that was a really formal blog entry. Let me just say that I'm freaking stoked I'm finally on accutane. I'm 19 and have been struggling with it for 10 years. I got my first blemish when I was 9 and it's been downhill ever since. I really hope I found somethig that can help give me some peace of mind.

This is me..right now..on my 6th day of accutane.


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