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Shana J

One month in...

I am a 24 year old, African American female and I've suffered with acne since i was 10. Over the years I've been to atleast 4 dermatologists who all prescribed me different forms of topical solutions with no (or sometimes adverse) results. In December I went to my Dr. for an annual check up and she mentioned that I should really see her dermatologist and go on Accutane. I'd never heard of it before but she told me because I had cystic acne, topicals would do nothing for me. I quickly made the appt...

I went for my first appt in January, did my urine sample (to show that i wasn't pregnant) and was told I had to wait a month before I could start the treatment. That kind of upset me because I read so much about it I was anxious to start. I finally started the treatment on february 19th. Two days into it I could feel the medication working. The inside of my nose started to get really dry and OMG the dry lips!!! I started applying vaseline to my lips every 5 minutes and I have to drink water all day long. A few weeks ago I had a flare up but it was pretty much how my face usually looks when it gets really bad so I didn't freak out. I went to my first months derm visit and he put me on a steroid for a week and a half to calm the flare up down.

The thing I've noticed most about my skin since starting Accutane is that it's never oily anymore! I never used to wear moisturizer because by the time I got to work my face would be so oily. Now I go through the whole day and when I get home and wipe my hand on my face there's no oil!!! Although you can still see the acne on my face my skin is really soft and smooth now. When I touch my face I can hardly feel the bumps. My color is looking really nice too. I'm just starting my second month (still at 40 mg twice a day) and the lip dryness is getting worse, but I got Aquaphor which seems to be a little better than Vaseline. My hands are also starting to get really dry and sometimes when I wash them they hurt really bad until i put Vaseline on. I also have some muscle and joint pain but for someone whose dealt with acne as long as I have this is all a small price to pay!

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