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New meds!

So the appointment went well despite the long waiting time - I'm just way too impatient. As soon as she saw me, she said something to the effect of "Woah, your face is pretty severe." She pumped my cysts with cortizone and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be more smooth by the weekend. She prescribed the following:

- Spironolactone - 50mg once a day

- Rosula cleanser

- Finacea gel (azelaic acid)

She said I could/should continue the Tazorac, so I'm going to be putting the Aczone to rest for now and use the Finacea gel instead. Although, she did give me a script for Aczone just in case the Finacea doesn't work out.



Today I have an appointment with a new dermatologist to see if she can help me fight off my hormonal chin acne. I think I'm going to ask her for Spirolactone, and/or a new birth control pill because I really don't think Yaz is working for me. I'm having crazy mood swings: last night I was crying hysterically for no reason and today I'm as chipper as can be.

The cysts on my chin have calmed down a bit. I put on some of the zinc cream and have been regularly taking my acne advance pills. Hopefully this derm can give me something that actually works and works fast.


I'm back!

I've been bad about posting but I've been super busy with a new internship on top of my job, weddings, etc. My face was doing really well for a stretch and all of a sudden - WHAM-O. Pretty bad hormonal breakout on my chin, including the "superstar" on my chin, which is a huge cyst-ish pimple with no head that is painful. They're not so bad, but when I put makeup on, I feel like I look like a witch w/ warts cause my chin is so bumpy. Using EDM on a regular basis now. I think I should outline my routine because I've changed it (again) and want to keep a more accurate record.


- Rinse face w/ warm water or use Phisoderm pH balance foam wash for nights I put vitamin E on

- Apply Aczone or zinc cream - WAIT 15 min

- Apply Olay moisturizer - WAIT 10 min

- Apply Shishiedo sunscreen (SPF 55)

- Benefit's Boi-ing concealer in #2

- EDM light olive in intensive

- Take one AcneAdvance pill


- Take Acne Advance

- Yaz

- Women's multi

- Vitamin E

- Vitamin C


- Wash with shu uemera cleansing oil

- Apply Olay moisturizer / vitamin E every other night

- Apply Aczone or zinc cream to pesky blemishes

- Turmeric on big bad blems (occasionally)

- Take AcneAdvance pill

So there you have it. I stopped using Taz because I felt that it broke me out. I used to wake up after using Aczone at night and find my face looking much sweeter and then I would put Taz on, then makeup etc. and find my face breaking out. Siigh.

I got a new dermatologist and am going to see her next week. I want to ask her about Spironolactone and Clyndamycin or a refill on Aczone.

We'll see. I'm going to update more often. For realsies.


Week 5

So yesterday I tried Acupuncture for the first time! It was definitely a note-worthy experience. I wasn't scared going in...I was actually calm and really positive. As soon as the doctor felt my pulse, she started telling me things about myself that I didn't tell her. For example, she knew I suffer from horrible headaches on the daily and that I have really bad PMS (sorry boyfriend). Crazy. I asked her for help with my acne in addition to another problem and she proceeded to put the needles in. It tingled and felt oddly relaxing but I'm not sure if anything happened. I'm going back next week and in the meantime am making sure I write down how I'm feeling. As of right now, I have a ginormous headache on the right side of my head.

On the acne front, my face is ALMOST a gleaming picture of perfection. Haven't had any breakouts in the past week and hope that this trend becomes a long-standing reality (KNOCK ON WOOD). I've stopped taking the Minocycline (at the beginning of this week) because it really upset my stomach and makes me a little insane. Still on the Aczone and Tazorac. I have an appointment with the derm next week and hopefully, he has some good news.

My diet hasn't changed that much, but yesterday, the doctor suggested that I may be allergic to soy. Great. Just what I need...another thing to eliminate from my diet. I may have to go back to being a vegetarian but that's a last resort...I'll figure out something I'm sure :doh:

Bought BioSil on a whim today...not sure if its going to help any. I may return it because I know that it helps with wrinkles and stuff and I don't have any yet. Might not hurt to get a headstart on preventing them. Also, because it builds collagen, it might help with a couple of my shallow indented scars.

Later yo


Week 4

My face is looking pretty clear. Last night I was worried because I saw a few - six or seven - teeny tiny buggers that looked primed and ready to grow. I think it was because I tried my sample of Peter Thomas Roth's Pore minimizer and I don't think it went well with the Aczone :doh: Also my cycle started today which I'm sure led to the breaking out by my chin a couple days before. But when I woke up this morning, everything seemed to have gone away and healing pimples got better, along with some red marks. I'm trying to stick as close to a regular routine for taking my vitamins so that I have constant, level amounts in my body.

Today I tried Everyday Minerals for the second time and honestly, just putting on the concealer (medium) was amazing - it really diminishes the little redness that I have so I don't have to put that much else on afterwards. Since I've dealt with covering pimples so long, I can definitely say that I've had my experience with concealers and what works and what doesn't.

I'm going to the beach this weekend with my boyfriend and his family and I need to find a sunhat ASAP so my face stays nice and protected. Any sites I should peruse?


Week 3

Wow...time flies.

I can't believe its almost been 4 weeks since I first started this blog and my new regimen. Let's talk face. I have added a couple of things to my diet and nightly routine that I believe are greatly helping with my red marks and some stubborn old pimples...you know, the ones that make a habit of popping up in the same spot. To make matters worse, there's always in my dimple lol. So here's a look at my daily routine:


Rinse/wash face gently with warm water

Apply Tazorac...wait for 15 mins...

Apply Clinique's Super City Block SPF 40 with drop of Jojoba oil...wait 15 mins...

Apply Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation Primer

Apply concealer...wait a couple mins...

Apply powder

Take fiber drink, 2 apple cider vinegar tabs, 1 probiotic tab


Take 100mg minocycline




Vitamin B-complex


Vitamin D

2 apple cider vinegar tabs

1 probiotic tab

Drink 2 Emergen-C packets

Drink 2 cups of green tea


OCM w/ castor, grapeseed & tea tree

Every other night - rub with bakingsoda paste and rinse off then follow with ACV toner...rinse off after 10 min and apply Aczone

2 times a week - apply Aspirin & honey mask - leave on for 15 min and then wash off & apply Aczone

-Zinc, Chromium, Omega 3-6-9 liquid, 1 probiotic tab, 2 apple cider vinegar tabs, 1 cup green tea

I don't apply moisturizer at night because I do OCM and don't need to add even more oils to my skin.

So far, my old reddish/brownish scars have diminished/disappeared, which I'm really pleased about. I have 4 recovering pimples on the left side of my cheek that have been pretty stubborn for four days but are going away. Other than that, I don't see any new activity - PRAYING :doh: - Hopefully this all works so I can finally be FREE.

'Till next time! Haha...does anybody even read this?


New week

Sometimes I think I need help with my Sephora addiction. I went out and bought a concealer from Benefit, called Boi-ing (#2) and their "Hello Flawless SPF 15" powder. Oh well, I guess I'll have to return some makeup :dance: I know it seems silly, but when my face seems clear, it makes me stress out less and in turn, I feel like I get less pimples. I got my Everyday Minerals, but am still unsure which foundation is the right color for me and I haven't had a chance to try them all out.

My skin is clearing up a lot...I think my staying away from dairy is seriously helping in addition to keeping my blood sugar levels pretty consistent during the day. Also, I think the grapeseed oil is working a LOT better than Jojoba for my OCM mixture.

My dermatologist appointment is coming up in a couple of weeks and I'm pretty nervous to hear what he has to say. Last time I went, he said that I needed dermabrasion for my scars, while his colleague said I needed a chem peel. But those are things that I should worry about AFTER my skin gets clear.



I don't know what I did...I think it was something that I ate, but I broke out in like 4 new little cystic pimples. So annoying. They seem to be down a bit from yesterday, but I'll be blasting them with tea tree oil mixed into my OCM. That & the Aczone should calm it down a bit.

I bought new makeup today - its by Cargo and its called Blu-Ray High Definition Makeup. Kinda cheesy name but oh man does it work! My skin looked a million times better once I put it on. The only downside is that there's no little applicator with it and you have to use a brush. When oh when will my Everyday Minerals come?!

Oh well...updates to come...with pics!


In an attempt to be better to my body and myself, I have decided to conquer all my health problems - especially my acne - by combining bits & pieces of the info I've accrued from this fabulous community.

Today, I started the Colonix program by Dr. Natura. Its a bit pricey, but just looking at the pictures and reading the testimonies made me want to get all that gunk out of me (gross). I don't feel anything yet but I'll keep you posted.

In addition to the Colonix, I'm taking lots of supplements and vitamins:

- 100 mg Zinc

- 800 mcg Chromium (I think...I have to check because I don't have the bottle on me)

- 2,000-3,000 mg Vitamin C - Emergen-C packets

- 2,000 IU liquid Vitamin D

- ~2g Pantothenic Acid

- Vegetarian multi-vitamin

- Omega 3-6-9

I've been a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian for about 10 years but now I'm a full-fledged vegan :( I am also following a low glycemic, anti-inflammatory diet which restricts me from eating tomatoes, potatoes (white), and eggplant :dance:

I have also decided to be buddies with my skin. This means not totally bombarding it with tons of chemicals and other harsh stuff. I wash only at night by OCM and follow with a drop or two of Jojoba as a moisturizer. Then I apply my Aczone. In the morning, I wash with warm water and then follow-up with Tazorac & some Jojoba mixed in with Clinique's Super City Block SPF 40. I also will start using aspirin masks twice a week. I did one for the first time last night and it shrunk my pimples and zapped the redness away. Oh yeah, I am taking Minocycline as well because my dermatolagist prescribed it, and it seems to be calming my face down a bit.

Now I just have to stick to my regimen and try not to think about my skin :mad:

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