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Day 77

Ohh man, i have not been blogging for a while.

Currently my skin is okay, i had one real big lump on my chin as to which i had to squeeze and is gradually going down.

But i have noticed besides my really dry lips that i have like a dry rash on my hands now its like a little lumpy and rough and i moisturise it like literally every few hours but it seems to be hanging around. Also i have noticed that real dry patches on my arms, like its so dry the skin peels off even though i pack on the papaw ointment it doesnt seem to do much.

My skin overall is looking not too bad, no compliants @ the moment. Every now and then i get a few little lumps but in time im sure they will go away.

Ill try and keeping blogging a little more.


Day 59

Day 59

My skin is progressing i guess, i had a new lump/pimple on my cheek yesterday which i could not resist in squeezing which is now a red spot in the middle of my cheek.

I have a few little red marks on my face but nothing too serious.

I still consistently have dry lips and dry eyes.

A little bit of joint pain but that seems to be all.

Dermo appointment next Tuesday which i am looking forward too.

Other than that nothing no more complaints or issues.


Day 56

Day 56 already :wall:

I cannot believe how time flies... its gr8 though...

Looking forward to ending my time with Roaccutane and looking into the future with my clear skin....

Right now i have about 3 scabs on my face from me picking pimples... its hard not to when they're ready. I have one pimple under the skin on my cheek which im dying to try and squeeze but i am going to hold off so i dont have anymore scabs.

Other than dry lips, and eyes no real side effects.

I have arthritis, and i havent had any pain for about 5 years and now im starting to have pain again, not sure if its roaccutane related but i thought i would record when i have pain to monitor.

Until next blog O_O


Day 55

Day 55

My skin is still breaking out in little blackhead especially on my cheeks and around my chin, but its not very noticeable and very easily covered with a little powder.

I have one scab on my cheek for me trying to pick a pimple, its so hard to resist.

Other than that my skin is okay... im hoping it gets better soon.

I have very dry lips, and now they're this pinky colour which is kind of cute i dont need to wear colour lips gloss when i go out.

i have really dry eyes, and today ill go past the chemist and get some eye drops.

I have had some sore joints but other than that, nothing too serious

Everything seems to be going well.


Day 52

Day 52

Current status is that i still have a few lumps under my skin on my cheeks and a little on my chin.

i still have maybe 2 smallish scabs on my face but still have the marble like pimple under my skin which i refuse to try and squeeze in case it gets inflamed.

I am starting to get really dry eyes and dry lips like usual. Nothing new there

Im hoping my skin soon does a 360 and becomes flawless!

I have an appointment with my dermo in about 2 weeks so he can update my skin and hopefully he has good news for me.

Other than that, everything is fine, still looking forward having flawless skin

Bring it on!!! :doh:


Day 48

Day 48

My skin at the moment isnt looking too sharp, im getting blackhead breakouts, small pimples, big pimples and everything. it sure does shut down my confidence. Its getting bad i have 3 big scabs on my face because i have to squeeze when the lump is the size of a marble =(

I hope this is my last breakout EVER..

No real side effects just dry dry lips and thats it.

My face isnt even that dry n e more. I am moisturising 2 times a day and cleansing like always.

Other than that, im hoping it clears up again.

Ill keep you posted


Day 42

Day 42

I havent been able to blog as often as before, i guess because nothing has really changed.

Im starting to breakout, little blackheads on my checkbone line, jawline, cheek and chin. I have a lump on my cheek opposite to the cyst like lump, mind you that is still there... i dunno whats the g.o. there but when i have my next dermo appointment i will be sure to show him.

Other than that, no serious side effects @ this stage, just dry lips and a little dryness to my face which i combat with moisturiser everyday so no big deal.

Ohhh dry eyes is one thing, i might need to buy eye drops cause i have the heater on pretty high it really hurts my eyes, but ill have to do some further investigating.

Other than that, i have my graduation tomorrow so im hoping my skin behaves today and tomorrow so it can glow =)

Until next blog



Day 35

Day 35

Second day back @ work from the weekend.

I am starting to get little breakouts but nothing too serious.

But i have to pick and then i am left with scabs... i hate it but it seems to heel a lot quicker than usual.

I have no oil on my face @ all...!!

Its like i look forward to applying moisturiser, and my whole life i have never applied moisturiser because my face always had more than enough oil of its own.

Its great.

Im a little worried that now my face is less oiler that i will be prone to wrinkles more, but i guess im a little too young to be worrying about that.

I have noticed dry eyes a little when i have the heater on and thats its really.

Ohh the other night i was squeezing the black heads on my nose and once i squeezed them it left like a hole in my nose and like almost gone forever! but they're little scabs @ the moment but soon will be vanished forever!!!!

I am 100% happy with roaccutane =)


Day 31

Day 31

Okay in the last 2 days i have noticed some extreme dry skin on my face, like flaky skin and little pimples are coming up as a result i believe.

I need to moisturise something bad but im @ work and ppl might think im a little silly.

I think ill need to bring some to work and start applying is regularly as i work about 10hours each day and its a long time until i get home and am able to reapply.

I have had a few pimples last night, i squeezed them and no real big scabs or n e thing just red dots.

Im worried that im going to continue to have this dryness now and its going to be worse for the next 5months... like how bad will it get????

I guess ill have to wait and see


Day 30

Ohh man i cannot believe its already been 30 days, this has gone by so quickly!!!

So far my status, still have little bumps on my face, worst is around my chin and jawline, had 2 pimples near my hair line and i picked them last night and they're a little scabby at the moment, picked a lumpy pimples last night below my jawline and its pretty big and i still have the tic tac like lump near my mouth but its not noticeable. My skin is starting to get really really dry and like a little flaky today and its especially dry near and on the pimples.

No other side effects par dry skin, but also when i blow my nose there is some blood but it doesnt hurt so no real complaints.

Im hoping the side effects do not get any worse and im experiencing the extremes now.

Other than that im sweet, enjoying my experience, looking forward to meeting with my doctor in a month and i guess thats the next mile stone, his evaluation of my skin.

Until tomorrow



Day 28

Eeekkk i haven't been able to blog in like 5 days... my apologises!!

Okaiii so i have returned from my weekend escape, and again not one drop of oil on my face, it was great to be able to enjoy the the car ride without having to check my face and apply power every hour. No new pimples, but still have the cyst like bump which i attempted to squeeze last night but still nothing i just wished it would just disappear.

Also because i was away with my bf i wasnt embarrassed to wear no make up before bed and when i woke up it was so good. it made me so happy =) it was good.!!! YAY im smiling now =)

Other than dry lips no side effects or anything which is gr8

Ill update more tomorrow


Day 23

Day 23 already...

I cannot believe how quick time is going.

My skin on my face is starting to get dry and a little flkay @ present. Still have dry lips.

Small marble like cyst near on my cheek is like a tic-tac now slowly going down in size. I had a little redish pimple on my cheek and my breakout on my jawline is a little scaby as its starting to heal.

Other than that all is sweet. I have about half a dozen red dots on my face but thats about it.

All the little bumps i used to have underneath my skin is slowly going away.

I have no oil on my face whatsoever, no oily hair anymore. Im loving not having to wash my hair every day its so good!!!!

Im going interstate this weekend, and usually its a lot more humid there and it will be interesting to see how my skin reacts.... My skin usually becomes so oily and its kind of gross but i dont think this will happen this weekend.

Ill keep you posted. Im not leaving till 2 days =)

Okaii until tomorrow :doh:


Day 22

Today is Day 22

I still have the cyst like marble on my face, i tried to squeeze it again but still nothing will come out and i dont think it will ever come out... Its slowly going down

I have a small breakout on my jawline which i stayed up last night popping away which is bad.

Other than that im enjoying my face not being oily.

Its not oily @ all, its not too dry no flaky off parts or anything.

My lips are getting real dry but im applying lip balm 24/7.

No sore joints or any other side effects.

Im looking forwards to the future of clear skin =)




Day 20

Day 20 and the weekend is over...

The only weekend where i was exposed in public i had 2 massive pimples..

I have one as big as a marble on my cheek it is so big almost like a cyst and i have honestly never ever had a pimple this big in my life... every night i try and squeeze it but nothing its like its not a pimple but a cyst and it hurts... I had a wedding and i was so embarrassed... not that it was red or anything but its a big lump.

I have these tiny little bumps starting to breakout on my jawline which is annoying and really hard to not pick @ but im doing my best.

This is becoming annoying i just wish it would all go away quickly but i know it takes time.

My side effects are still minimal, my lips are becoming more and more dry but because i keep applying lip balm i think they look bigger LOL ahhah :) how funny

Other than that no sore joints, or headaches...

Okaiii till next time :doh:


Day 17

Okay so today is my second day of 2 x 20mg

And i still have those 2 big red pimples on my cheek, and they dont have a head their just red and cause me a lot of pain. i have to go to a wedding tomorrow and it makes me a little upset cause i wanted to skin to have no red lumps for the wedding, but i guess we cant all get what we want.

Its kind of weird because its really hard for me not to squeeze any of my pimples and ive done really well with these 2 but this morning i couldnt resist trying and i did and it hurt SOOO much like severe pain and nothing came out... SO i am not going to even try and squueze it again and hope that they go down today and 2nite for the wedding.

Other than that, no real side effects just dry lips and im starting to get dry eyes, probably my working environment with the air-conditioning and when im @ home i have the heater on high so i might have to start using eye drops soon but other than that everything seems to be a okay =)

Ill let u know how i go for after the wedding and what situation my face is in.


Day 15

I haven't been able to blog as often as i used too, But overall no real complaints...

I went down to the beach 3 days ago and my skin usually is covered in oil because the humidity is real high but this time it was under control. I woke up with one big white head on my cheek and currently i have 2 big lumps on my cheek, these 2 pimples are taking their time to head, and its really annoying me and i have this wedding to go to on Saturday and i dont want them to be red for the occassion.

I have been experiencing dry eyes i think i am not sure but my eyes @ work hurt a little especially when i blink... not sure if this has anything to do with the accutane... i do have air-con @ work....

And my lips are taking the toll, i have to apply lip balm every few hours even b4 bed.... but its not too serious....

Today being day 15 i start taking 2x20mg... im pretty excited but nervous @ the same time... i dont want my skin to breakout (get worse before getting better) but other than that all good.

I will keep you posted.


Day 11

Today is Easter Saturday and on Thursday night i stayed up for a while picking my face all the little bumps and everything... it was bad... now its not that bad but i have a few little scabs on my cheek and one on my forehead but other than that my skin is looking good. Still have bumps but no real big pimples.

My lips are getting dry and im applying lip cream every few hours and no real dryness to my face as of yet.


Day 9

Arrgghhh i didnt get a chance to blog anything yesterday i was too busy.

Well i have had a few medium size bumps rising underneath my skin and i want to pick them so badly but have resisted. I am noticing my face is less oily which is so good. When i come home from work my face is almost the same as i left in the morning. Slowly it will get there.

Also i have noticed my nose is getting dry and my lips are very dry. I have been applying chap stick to them 24/7 and dont mind it that much now cause their red and look cute LOL but other than that no real issues. Ohh i was pretty tired last night and am noticing it a little not sure if its accutane related. Okaii

Thats all for now

Until next time


Day 7

Day 7

So basically i have been on accutane for 1 week now.

So side effects.

I had 2 pimples come up on my chin on either side and one on my forehead. I popped the 2 on my chin but not on my forehead last night and they went down over night and they're just little red dots now which are easily covered by makeup. So nothing serious.

Im waiting for my skin to be dry and im still moistuirsing and cleansing every day and night.

I hope it doesnt get too dry.... But still nothing which is good.

Okaiii until tomorrow.


Day 6

Its Monday morning,

No entries over the weekend, sorry but so far everything is fine, i feel as though my skin is already clearing up. I have noticed that my skin where i had a few bad pimples is slowly like flaking off, which is good but nothing dry yet. But i did notice some dryness around my nose. So i quickly moisturised and it fixed that problem. I am still cleansing and moisturising every morning and night and its so hard not to apply duac on some of my red pimples.

So far everything is fine.

Until tomorrow =)


Spot Creams

I have a question in regards to using spot creams while on Accutane...

Are you allowed if you have a pimple arising to use a spot gel/cream??

If not why?

Thanks =)


Day 3

Day 3, still no side effects.

I stayed up last night hacking @ my face, i couldn't help but pick and squeeze all the bumps. I felt so depressed after that episode but today it went down. Not so flared up.

Other than that all is well.

Nothing else to report on, just waiting for it to really kick in and start clearing my face.


Day 2

Well 2day is my second day...

No side effects yet as expected, feels kind of weird not applying duac and differin to my face last night.

Yesterday i went and bought all the creams and face wash recommended by my dermo to get into the habit now so when i do start to dry out im already in the habit.

I will keep you posted =)


Day 1

This morning i took my first roaccutane pill.

Its like ive been waiting a life time for this im so excited for the results.

I know its still a long way away until i see results but i guess this is the beginning.

Obviously no side effect but will be keeping an update everyday.

Im currently taking 20mg once a day for the first 2 weeks and after that 20mg twice a day till finish tiime.

Im going today after work to buy all the face cream, body lotions and moisturises that i need so i can get into the habit before i start seeing all the side effects.

Okaiii i will update tomorrow =)


Blood Test Results

Yay :dance:

I just got the all clear from the dermo that my blood test passed and i can start my treatment on Wednesday... hmmm im going to buy the Accutane today and have it sitting in my room until Wednesday morning.

I had 2 big pimples rise to my surface and im @ work and walked passed a mirror and couldnt help but to pop it. Now its red and inflammed and im @ work... Gr8.... embarrassement!!!

Ok will be updating on Wednesday!!!

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