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still taking 10 mg/day usually with peanut butter and milk because eating it with food increases absorption.

Products I am using:

Neutrogena acne scrub morning and night

Azelex once a day on problem areas only

Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque- using once or twice a week as a masque, and use it as a spot treatment at night- works VERY well, wish I had found out about this years ago!!

My skin has not dried up very much, in fact it has gotten a little oilier, but I am counteracting the oiliness by using the Queen Helene masque and azelex, as well as using blotting sheets throughout the day.

I feel as though my skin has been purging itself. I had a microcomedone on my upper lip that I've had for months and months without it becoming inflamed or anything, just sitting there. It got a little inflamed last night and this morning, now I think it is starting to heal. I think it got pushed to the surface more from the accutane!

I hope my skin doesn't freak out and breakout all over! So anyway here's an update in short:


Dose: 10 mg/day accutane, also taking Keflex to prevent initial breakout

Skin: small inflamed whiteheads now healing, still have non-inflamed whiteheas and microcomedones in my chin mouth area

side effects: slight driness in eyes, lips, skin a bit oilier than normall.

(also taking Ortho Tri Cyclen, in case any girls are wondering)

Anybody else taking a lower dose of accutane or have you in the past? I'm very curious to hear what people have to say about it!!



8th day


okay so I am just starting to feel the effects of the Accutane! My eyes were all of a sudden VERY dry yesterday and I had to rush home and put some drops in them. My skin acted strange yesterday... I washed my face in the morning, it felt kind of dry, so I used Azelex which is pretty moisturizing.. then halfway through the day my face was very very oily it was the oiliest it's been in a while!!

So I used those blotting sheets and then I was okay for the rest of the day.

I am very interested to see how my skin reacts to this low dose course. From what I have read, some people clear up after a few weeks, while others take months. I'm obviously hoping I'm one of those lucky ones! Is anyone else taking 10 mg/day?? How is it going so far??


Dose: 10/mg per day

Side effects: slightly dry skin, increased oil halfway through the day, dry eyes

Skin: 2 inflamed whiteheads are healing, many small non-inflamed comedones on chin, cheek, upper lip area, praying they don't become inflamed due to an initial breakout!


Week One

Welcome to my blog! I will be updating this frequently as I tell you all about my Accutane journey- 10 mg/day

Here is a little background on myself: 22 yr old, have had acne since I was 12ish, been on every antibiotic (keflex, doxycyclin, tetracyclin, minocyclin, bactrim), topical (benzaclin, differin, duac, azelex, retin-a), and Accutane. About 2.5 years ago I took Accutane at 60 mg-80 mg a day for moderately severe acne that was obviously very persistant. For the first 8 months after finishing my 5 month course, I was perfectly clear- beautiful skin.

Slowly the acne started to creep back, til I once again was forced to try all the antibiotics and topicals. Though my acne is much milder this time, I occassionally get cystic pimples and always have some kind of a breakout. Trying 10 mg daily because I don't want severe side effects, an initial breakout, or for my acne to return in a few months.

Basically the plan is to take 10 mg daily until my skin clears up, then taper back to a maintenance dose for a while.

MOVING ON- it has been one week since I started Accutane! Hooray!

First few days- took 10 mg every other day, for a total of 3 pills

two inflamed whiteheads on my left cheek and a smattering of microcomedones on my chin area

Now taking 10 mg every day.. on 5th pill

DAY FIVE- whiteheads are healing, skin still feels a bit oily, still have microcomedones

**painful cystic pimple coming in near corner of mouth EWW, trying to zap it with Queen helene Mint Julep Masque before it gets big

Also, I'm taking Keflex for the first month to prevent getting an initial breakout, and using azelex once a day or every other day to help the IB

Low dose accutane is not used that much by doctors, so if anyone is thinking about doing this than I hope my blog can give them first hand information and help them out!

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