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I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while.

Since my last update 2 months ago, I've been completely clear. Spiro has been a complete success for me.

I can't tell you the joy of waking up without wondering how i'll try cover things today. Or feeling pain on my chin or jaw and knowing it's going to end in tears and looks and anxiety.

I don't need to wear make up anymore. I save time in the mornings. I'm happier, more relaxed and soooooo much more confident.

This has changed my life, and if you're patient and persistent with it, I truly believe it could change yours too.

Thanks everyone!



And I mean clear. No whiteheads. No boils, no cysts. The only problem I've had was one small little jawline pimple this week, and I can handle those. Plus it was far smaller than usual.

September 5th was my 6 month mark.

This has been such, such, such an amazing relief. I cannot tell you what it feels like to be able to wander around without feeling self-conscious, to look people in the eye, to not spend all day wondering how bad it looks, whether I should put more makeup on, what might crop up tomorrow or the day after that.



Day 152 - CLEAR

I've been on my upped dosage of 200mg a day for a week now - 100mg in the morning with breakfast, 100mg at night with dinner.


For the first time in forever, i have no active pimples on my face. Just red marks. It's amazing, and my skin feels amazing!

I have one clogged pore which has been there for a few weeks, and I know it's going to inflame - but i'm putting my old enemy Differin on it to speed up the process. I did that with one below it last week and it zapped it into a (managable) whitehead within a couple of days - which was so wonderful!

Hope this continues. Will of course let you know either way :cool:


Day 144

OK, so -

- 1 x jawline whitehead popped and hopefully healing

- Giant whitehead I whacked some differin on to make come to a head quicker is gone, leaving large flat red mark.

- 2-3 healing little-medium pimples around my nose

- 1 potential monster emerging fron bottom right of face.


Ok, so my skin is still shite and has been continuously now for about a month.

I've gotten a referral to see another derm (one of the best in my city) who is female and specialises in adult acne. This is scheduled for the end of October.

I'm going to up my dosage for 2 weeks to 200mg to see if that helps. If anything bad happens, i'll of course go back to my regular dose, but i want to see if it has any effect. Hope it doesn't make me feel crap.

I have 2 of the type of blocked pores that always turn into major cystic infections, so i'm going to try use differin to open them up/encourage cell turnover quicker. Might mean they infect sooner but hopefully not as badly.

Wish me luck!


5 Months on Spiro

Time certainly flies. 5 months on Spiro and I guess i can summarise what I have to show for it:

1. No more of those hurty under the skin bumps that take ages to go away

2. Pretty constant 1-2 whiteheads that look and feel like cysts before they come to the surface

3. A whole bunch of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

4. An additional cup size...which i didn't need.

5. This sounds weird, but even my face shape has seemed to change. It's gotten curvier. I know that must sound crazy but...

6. More attention off guys for some reason. Additional estrogen in my pheromones? Weird!

7. Nearly complete lack of black heads, which can only be a good thing.

I'm hoping month 5 brings me some truly remarkable progress. Or is it just never going to happen?


Day 135.

Stupid Keflex (Cephalexin). Broke me out to high heaven. It'll be my 5 month mark on Sat and I'm not sure I can fairly evaluate at this point because the antibiotic ended up killing that cyst, but also causing a bit of a purge elsewhere - jawline and little tiny pores. Grrrr.



So here I am, 3 weeks away from 5 months. Which really only equals 4 months :cool:

So, part of me has itself convinced this isn't going to work.

Don't worry, I'm not taking myself off Spiro. I'm continuing on, but I'm starting to think about options if I get to 6 months, 9 months etc and things still aren't consistently better.

And I just don't know.

Keflex kicked the acne is the teeth this week, but what about 2 weeks from now? 12 weeks from now?

Losing faith.


Day 118. Hell.

Post 4 months and this week have had my worst break out yet. That massive whitehead earlier in the week. Jaw cysts. Chin mini cysts. Then a middle of the cheek mini cyst and...drumroll...one of those hugely inflamed looks-like-a-red pea type things that forms when a little pod of sebum forms a little white patch under your skin, and you know it's going to lead you to hell and back.

I'd had my eye on that patch for a while and decided when i saw it begin to inflame i'd nab myself some Keflex with the leftover prescription I had from a few months ago. So I did and i suspect that has helped reign that little bugger in considerably, whilst helping with the others also.


On another note, I went to the hairdresser (to make myself feel better). She commented on how much thicker my hair has gotten. I told her about the hormonal therapy and she reckons it's done wonders to thicken my hair up.

Now if it would only do it's job on my skin.


Things were going well, then BAM! Week before my period and I look revolting (well, in my perception).

First, tried new cleanser. Felt Cetaphil wasn't removing makeup well enough. Picked up Olay Foaming Cleanser for Sensitive Skin. Complete shite. Skin broke out in SCALES over the TOP of the EMERGING pimples. Gross. Felt like a leper and looked like one close up. 2 days of intense Cetaphil Moisturiser to get it at least somewhat back to normal.

Then - GIANT whitehead on chin. Like, where you couldn't miss it unless you were on a Russian space station, with no access to Google earth, and pre- existing vision problems. And also deaf, because the other astronauts would probably be commenting on it. In fact, it may have changes the earth's tilt and tidal cycle. I have probably caused early armageddon.

Yes, i'm exaggerating a little, but if I don't laugh i'll go binge on a whole pack of something high GI and then cry myself to sleep.

So - along with that debacle, have a hormonal cyst under my jaw, a weird and painful recurring whitehead next to my nose, and two others that are just screwing with me for fun.

I hate pre-period week.


I added Neutrogena Rapid Clear cleansing wipes into my routine about a week ago, just to see what would happen. It seems to have coincided with a clear period, and so my skin is pretty good right now. Red marks, a couple of emerging whiteheads, but no cysts.

Should probably go get my bloodwork done sometime soon.

Have definitely seen an increase in breast size - which I didn't really need to be honest, but for clearing skin i don't care.

Things are going well.


Day 101

Hideous whitehead healing. Skin on face other than on dumb chin area looks way brighter - less pasty and uneven.

On another note - have been experiencing some EXTREME irritability. People simply fidgeting on a bus with one finger is annoying the crap out of me. Related? I think so.

Plus - much more prone to crying, and insomnia at the moment. Not sure if that's due to hard time at work and lack of sleep though.



Day 97

That whitehead that turned into a cyst turned back into a whitehead, which I then left overnight, then bathed in hot water to really bring it to a head, then popped. It's flat and healing now.

Have another coming up on the other side of my face, slightly higher up. It's ike the sides of my face take turns.

Have to say though - the quality of my skin is MUCH brighter and just...nicer. I look like a girl that has nice skin with one or two pimples, rather than a girl with irritated, rough skin and acne.

Which is nice.

I believe things are going well, but i'm experiencing the same thing alot of others have - three steps forward, two steps back.


Day 94

Skin is quite clear on my face, but then have this horrible, infected bulging former-whitehead that has turned into a cyst because I picked it. IDIOT.

But those jawline ones are always tricky and awkward - seems they get large and painful easier than ones on the face. Drats.


Day 92

The two cysts are clearing away. Calamine lotion seemed to help them a little.

One seriously sore and painful pre-menstrual cyst on my jaw. Out of the direct line of sight, so not that bad.

Other than that, alot of bumps, roughness and flaking.

But still clearer than I was.

Not much else to report.


And I'm afraid the 3 month anniversary was marked with me being upset about my skin.

To the point where I was staring at the ceiling last night at about midnight, trying not to cry. Then woke up at 4.30 in the morning, when I did cry. I'm also emotional about other things at the moment, but my skin's state over the past few days certainly hasn't helped, and for all i know it's the Spiro causing me to be so emotional anyway.

Saturday/Sunday I watched as two cysts emerged close together on the right side of my cheek. A massive whitehead formed on the other side.

The cysts have come full circle and are, admittedly, smaller than their predecessors.

But they're still cysts, they're still painful and unsightly, and i'm still 3 months into this treatmen, having hoped that I had left behind the times where I'd obsess over the course of several days while the state of my skin slipped out of my control. Apparently not.

Any day now, right? Ha. Feeling very cynical right now.


Day 81

I had a bit of a break out about 2 days ago: 1 deep throbber under the skin on my chin, and 2 sore spots on either side of my mouth on my cheeks.

Normally, when I used to get pimples, the day i could feel them approaching was the day I knew I was going to have fully-fledged round lumps that would hurt and be impossible to hide.

Nowadays, as was the case with these, the pimple seems to go through a new process:

Day 1- 2

Pimple forms and begins to emerge, as normal. I freak out.

Day 2-3

Pimple stays the same as it was day 1/2...instead of doing that normal thing where it grows and becomes a monster, it's like it just doesn't have the potential it thought it did.

Day 4/5

Pimple shrugs and gives up.

I have a theory for why this is so.

Spironolactone doesn't kill acne bacteria. So really, I have the same amount of the acne bacteria on my face as I always have. What I have less of is the stuff that feeds it and allows it to proliferate - sebum.

So the bacteria is hanging out in my pores as normal. But what used to be an all-you-can-eat buffet has turned into a limited menu. The sebum is reduced, and they're not able to eat until they explode anymore. So the infection is there as always, but on a much smaller scale.

Spiro won't get rid of the bacteria on your skin - that's what stuff like benzoyl peroxide is for, but unfortunately for some that stuff only works within limitations. What it will do is put your bacteria on a diet that reduces the size and the severity of your acne.

It's working pretty well for me. I can't believe it.


No outstanding differences.

Semi large whitehead next to my nose where I never got them before. Seems to be dying off.

Strange tiny patch under the left side of my mouth where what feels like the birth of a cyst but hasn't turned into one yet. Tinywhitehead on chin. Red marks.

Flaky skin galore. Got a little sun yesterday and my skin freaked out.

Forgot i'd taken my 100mg last night and took another 100mg. Woken feeling a little nauseous this morning.

Hoping to see more progress soon.


So had those two side by side whiteheads, nothing major.

Felt some tiny bumps of congestion on my left cheek a couple of days ago. 3 months ago the bigger one would have turned into your standard full blown shiny red bulbous bump.

I won't tell you it's not infected or that it's not a bump, but if it's a cyst it's the tiniest, tiniest one i've ever had. Seriously, instead of being what I would normally expect, it's the size of a medium whitehead.

So i'll throw this out there: Spiro may or may not eliminate all your acne. However I would wager that if hormones contribute to yours, you will notice a drastic decrease in the severity after about 2 months into it.

After 3 months, hopefully the sky is the limit O_O


The entry title sums it up, really. Coming up on 3 months in 2 weeks time. Excited about the changes that may bring.

Slightly broken out with 2 pimples at the moment, side by side ones. But when I say pimples, i don't mean the all-encompassing ones I have had previously. I mean 2 reddish whiteheads quite close to the surface.

Which in my opinion is pretty rad - much easier to deal with.

I have a fair few 'bumps' at the mo - just dead skin and build up I guess, hopefully won't progress into anything more than superficial.

Here's to 3 months and onwards!!!


Ok, pre-menstrual madness is over. Things are great! I have red dots here and there and a tiny whitehead or two, but other than that, it's fantastic! 2.5 month mark and dramatic results. I am so, so, so glad I decided to do this.

If anyone's an adult female and still putting up with skin probs, I totally recommend giving Spiro a go. Don't even question it, just do it. It's unbelievable. I read all the reviews myself and thought 'yeah, right...too good to be true!'.

But it's actually incredibly effective. I can't tell you how happy I am!



That scary potential cyst didn't turn into one. It turned into a tiny whitehead overnight that I covered with mineral makeup today.

What the hell?

Everywhere else - skin seems to be getting over the pre-menstrual hump.

Crisis averted.

As you were O_O



It's day one of my period.

I spoke too soon.

1 recovering cyst on my neck. 1 smaller one under my jawline. Those two don't worry so much as at least they're not sitting on top of my face.

1 x small but red whitehead under my lip.

And what i'm desperately, desperately afraid is going to eventuate into a cyst on my cheek, full smack in the centre of view on the right side of my face.

So upset right now. Just bereft.

This feels like a nightmare. A never, never ending nightmare.


So my skin is still clear. I can SEE my chin again and it looks like a clear person's chin (ok, aside from the red marks from ghosts of cysts past).

I run my fingers over it (still with that acne-sufferer's sense of doom, thinking you're going to find the tender spot of an upcoming monster somewhere) and it's unbelievably smooth and painless.

This feels like a dream come true. My period is due in the next 2 days, and I have no acne. I don't know how long it can go this well...my fear of the acne never going away has been replaced by the fear that it has to come back sometime. I don't believe i'm out of the woods yet...i don't want to disappoint myself!

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