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well my skin is doing really well i still get a few little pimples here and there, but it isnt too bad because they usually go away pretty fast. This weekend is prom and im hoping my skin stays nice for this weekend!!! I'm so excited, but I am also sad because Deanna can't come :[ I really want her to come. Oh well therres nothing we can do at least she's coming for my graduation.


especially since Deanna is coming AGAIN lol, but i haven't been slacking on the reggemin since she left although when she does come again i need need neeeeeed to keep up with it. lol. So my skin is looking wonderful well I think it is. It keeps getting better and better every single day! lol as a matter of fact im going to go wash my face now! lol i'll be back tomorrow promise!

oh and the reason its hard to get back is my internet on my laptop isnt working lately and i dont know why it isnt!!!


wow so its been a lonnnngggg time since ive been on here lol because deanna came!!!! well my skin is better but i kind of slacked off when she was here and thats super bad..... but yeah just want better skinnnn


day nine

see idk why my blog is on day nine lol!! and my pictures areee onnnn like 8 but i changed it to nine so it would be even. I have no clue how I messed it up!! Anyways everything is going great so far my skin is like idk perfect with makeup!!!!!!!! Im SOOOOOOOOO happy and its only day nine!


Day eight

Well everything is basically the same since yesterday. My make-up has been going on normally with only moisturizer!!! So everything is good now. I don't have too many red marks which is surprising to me because I always thought I had a lot of them. I guess it was just my pimple which are usually red and big and they just make huge red splotches when they're there! haha but now I dont have ANY pimples at the moment jjust some that are healing which is like two! I hope my face and the BP keep up the GREAT work! :dance:


day seven

So ive been doing the regimen for about a week and everything is going great!! I switched to only doing BP at night because it doesnt work well with my make up so when i dont need base anymore thennnnnnnnnn i will be putting it on during the day again.

Today my skin has been really flaky and peeling off basically.... I'm happy about that though because it means that the BP is working its magic! sooo yeah tomorrow I will be taking my one week progress picture!!! im so excited to see what it looks like now!


day six

So i have two small whiteheads that have been here for about a day or two and should be gone by today. No new pimples really which is great!!!!! All i have left are some red marks which seem to be less and less all the time.... or its my imagination :dance: but yeah.

In four days Deanna is coming!!!!!!!!! This is the most exciting thing since I went to Disney (she was there too lol). So everything is going great now and I will be graduating soon :dance: YAY! :(:mad::boohoo:

ANYWAYSSSSSSSS this week has been great i just hope I dont get any new pimples.... ught hat would suck! :dance::dance::boohoo:


Day Five

Today is day five and the skin around my mouth is starting to peel a little bit. It is quite frustrating especially when putting on my make up because it seems to peel a bit. Or it could be the lotion im not quite sure, but i do think that it is dry skin. For some reason my moisturizer balls up and comes off when i put it on my neck, but only my neck. I dont know why at all!! Maybe i put too much of it on or something. My skin is getting pretty clear. When i started it was about ninety percent clear and im just hopeing using this will make and keep it 100% clear forever! Now all i ahve left are some red marks that will fade away (hopefully).

Im still using the same products and still waiting for Dan's BP to come in the mail. Yesterday it said that it had been sent soooo I hope it gets here fast; at least before i run out of my neutragena on the spot!!!


day four

I woke up this morning with my cheeks and the area around my lips feeling a little tight and dry. I washed my face and put on more BP(made it more dry haha). I'm about to go put on more lotion. So the pimple on my chin came to the top overnight and i popped it.... i had to it was noticable!!! lol but so far my skin is looking amazing!! no new pimples int he last few days!!!! i'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays this way!! and hopefully my skin will feel less dry!

So my hopes for the next few weeks are to not get any new pimples lol and for my red marks to start fading. I really don't think my skin is too bad anymore and definatly not how it used to be i just hope this will keep it away for good!


:dance: So far i am happy only after three days with Dan's regimen. My nose and lip area have become a little sensitive, but thats okay because I just put extra moisturizer in that area. what I use is:


FACEWASH-Offbrand of Cetephil

BP-Nutragena on the spot (Dan's BP is being sent to me)

MOISTURIZER- Clinique superdefense SPF 25 for very dry to dry skin


Base-Clinique perfectly real makeup for dry combination to combination oily


20% Salycic acid i leave it on for 10-12 minutes

over the past few weeks my skin has been clearing up due to the 20% salycic acid. I really dont have but about two pimples which are healing and almost gone. I'm getting one at the bottom of my chin :[ but its very small which is ideal. Hopefully there will be process over the next few weeks. Ive had mild through moderate acne since the ending of eighth grade and now at the ending of my senior year it would be heavenly for it to go away in time for prom and graduation(and stay away!)

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