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Okay...so...to start off...i've been dealing with acne since 8th grade [i am now a sophomore in college] and I don't know why i never thought of it as a BIG DEAL. I guess because those around me never did either. Well that stopped when i graduated high school. I became obsessed with research on how to improve my skin and with a ton of information [usually useless and ends up causing more harm] i came across the Fraxel Laser. I'm hesitant :( because I've read so many testimonials which were more cons than pros but i'm so desperate that i still want to go through with it till i read about Needling. The pictures seem to good too be true but im thinking it's waaaay cheaper that the laser but how long do results last?? And it stimulates collagen so it will take a pretty long time to see results right?? Ugh. Well i'm just glad i decided to join this site cuz i know many of you are helpful and I love reading all the great answers! :mad:

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