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they're back

I feel miserable and ugly. The eruptions are back full throtle, my face itches and hurts and I want to cry or kill myself. Enough whinning, I was pretty much clear, over 95%, and BAM! Something must have triggered it... thing is, usually I get mercy but it seems like these are here to stay and invite some little friends over.

What got me clear:

LOOOOONG process. I had to cleanse, detox, change diet, only use organic natural stuff on my face... this got rid of some.

I employed the use of green smoothies with aloe, mint, and rosemary for cleansing.

Aspirin toner helped to degunk pores.

Neutrogena mask/cleanser (forgot exact name) was very versatile and simple ingredients.

Sleep, minimal stress. Cheated all along the way, did some crazy unmentionable stuff...

At some point, I was just clear but I don't know by doing EXACTLY what?

What triggered these new bastards (maybe):

midterm week, no sleep, high stress

no longer did the green smoothies (for a while)

ate fatty, processed foods (for a while)

family is one heck of an irritation

but this has been like this for months...

argh... worst of all, the erruptions started happening two weeks ago!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, time for a complete turn around, im so sick of this.

What has helped in the past?

-Aspirin degunking

-shitting at least once a day, twice even better

-drinking water

-lavender oil (heals eruptive blemishes quick w/no scarring, con: it can purge and bring even the tiniest of pimples to a head, which will make things LOOK worse before it gets healed)

-no stress

-not thinking of acne, but who can help it when it itches all the time?

-not complicated cleanser that actually cleans... it's so hard to find one that cleans well without many ingredients

-not dealing with family... it is a mental asylum where I live, why the tv so loud?!

Things to do for a week:

-water fast, and then I'll observe any food sensitivities when I start eating again, I suspect I have none but body wreaks havoc when I eat anything with sugar, flour or bad fat... olive oil, coconut oil do wonders for me internally, anything else :dance: anything out of a box, bottle, or wrapper is a no no

-avoid makeup for at least a week, not a big prob. as long as im clean and i take it off but no chances

-get pears soap, heard its as basic as it gets

-neem oil and lavender coming in mail soon :(

-stay away from home :mad:

Things to maintain:

-no processed foods

-no dairy (too many hormones)

-chill on the fruits (not too many)

-stay away from home

-try to avoid makeup

Possible routine:

-wake at 7, sleep no later than 12

-sungaze :boohoo:

-1gallon water daily

-exercise until sweating

-weight, toning

-no looking in mirror!!! :boohoo:

-wash w/pears

-tone w/aspirin

-moisturize w/neem

-treat w/lavender

-weekly lavender steam

Give me my cofidence!!!!

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