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Day 6

I really don't know what else to say but WHOA!!! Maybe it is cause my acne wasn't all that bad or mabe I'm still gonna get and initial break out but either way I am floored by these results!! I am totally clear and the Ziana is making my skin luminous and fixing the scars and just refining it and improving my tone!. I love my derm and I'm definitly hugging her in 7 weeks when I see her!!! :dance:


My Skin Care

Minocycline: Tetracycline Antibiotic (capsule) 2x 50mg at 5:00p.m.

Ziana: .025% Tretinion/1.2% Clindamycin (gel) before bed p.m

Duac: 5% Benzoyl Peroxide/1% Clindamycin (gel) after washing a.m.

MD Forte II: Glycolic Acid (cleanser) wash 1x in a.m. 1x in p.m


Day 3

Okay, well this morning when I woke up my face was near perfect it only had 4 small imperfections but then after showering and washing my face the inflamation set in (from scrubing and the hot water, but I expected that to happen. Anyway may face was remarkably clear for the most part all day untill track when I noticed inflamation again but it is still a huge improvment from Wednesday. I really feel the Ziana is to thank for this but it could also be the other stuff as well, so in any case I'm happy and I've had no initial breakouts . . . yet. So I'll keep you all posted and I'd like to hear all of your thoughts as well. :dance:


Day 2

So far I am very pleased with my Ziana/Duac/Minocin combo. I only have two cysts thanks to my cortisone shot and My face is almost all clear. My friends all say there is a definite difference. I'm hoping this stuff continues to work thiss well! :dance:

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