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Week 6

On one hand i'm happy that six weeks have gone by, with just one big break out (and it was really only 3 pimples, but they were monsters), but its daunting to think that it will be 20 more weeks until i'm done. But i guess its nothing compared to years and years of acne!

nbb - nyc

Week 5

Wow, that last post was really negative. I've realized that embarrasing redness is going to be a part of this journey, so i've kind of gotten over it. I've gotten really red several times since April 1, and im starting to get used to it. Its like blushing (times 10) and then it lasts for several hours. The worst part is that I'm so pale and white everywhere else (neck chest shoulders) that I look like a cherry lollipop.

Besides the redness, I've finally broken out in 3 HUGE pimples, all in big prominent parts of my face; one on each cheak, and one near my chin. I guess it was bound to happen; it was exactly 1 month since i started accutane and they all came out on the same day.

I got really upset last night, and considered not coming to work today, but i figured if this is as bad as its going to get, then I need to just accept it and look forward to the better days to come.

Even though my 'breakouts' havent been so bad since starting accutane, my skin is so uneven: light and smooth on my forehead, with light freckles; dry, brown, damaged skin on my nose; red and splotchy on my cheeks; acne scarred and dry, peeling, around my chin and jaw. I just wonder how this will all get better? I see pictures of other people who had the same uneven-mess like I do, and then the after pictures are smooth and wonderful.

I'm also frustrated because i cannot figure out how to post pictures... so aggrivating! I've tried using the "Insert: Post Link" function to link to my picasa photo page, but its not working. How do others insert pictures into their blog?

nbb - nyc

Week 4

So I had my first accutane-related embarrasment last week:

I was at a work event and my face turned bright red early in the night, and would not go away. I could feel that it was burning to the touch, and I'm sure I looked ridiculous. After the dinner part of the event, we went to a brightly-lit, white-walled showroom for the opening. I was so embarrassed to be in such visible light looking like that around all my colleagues.

I left after about 40 minutes, and went home.

nbb - nyc

Day 16

some background:

I'm a 26 year old female and live in new york city. I started dealing with acne when i was in high school, but it was fully controlled with birth control pills. I stopped taking birth control when I was in college, (and felt a million times better, i hate being on bc) and my acne came back with a vengence. It was really bad for about a year and then has been up and down ever since. It started to get really bad again this past year, so I started to consider accutane. I usually had small pimples on my chin or near my mouth, but began getting larger ones along my cheek bones and on my forehead.

I practice yoga 3-4 times per week and was teacher certified in the fall.

I try to run at least once or twice a week, but only for about 3-4 miles, 5 on a good day. I live close to central park and am greatful to have such a beautiful space to unwind early in the morning or after a long day. So far I am only taking 30 mg per day, but my doctor increased that to 60 mg in my follow up this morning. I have not noticed many side effects at all yet, and I hope that i wont experience joint/muscle pain or fatigue, so that i can continue to practice yoga and run.

My boyfriend lives in washington, DC, so we travel to see each other most weekends.

I have two sisters who both live in new york as well; one twin, and the other is two years younger. They are both blond, and blue eyed and have beautiful skin. As you'll see in my pictures, I'm quite the opposite.

I'm planning on posting pictures later tonight, and hope to keep them updated weekly, so check back.

Side effects:

Like i said, I havent noticed many. My skin is a bit dryer, but not flaky or peeling yet, and my lips are chapped, but not worse than new hampshire winters (i grew up in new england and have been a religious chapstick-applier since I was about 18).

Overall I feel really great and am positive that this will be a good change for my life!

nbb - nyc

Day 9

I'm definitely starting to notice new pimples... boo.

Its strange how they will come out of no where! Usually I notice a pimple coming and a day or two later it will come out, then go away. Now, I'll look at my face in the morning, see the few that I have, but then by mid-day there's a new one that wasnt even there at 7:00 this morning!

I hope this phase will pass quickly.

My nose is starting to get dryer and i have a small dry patch on my cheek, but not too terrible.

Its a beautiful day outside so I'm hoping to go for a long run after work.

nbb - nyc

Day 8

I just finished week 1 and I wish I was further along!

I think i've started to see small changes but i'm not sure if i'm just hoping that things are changing! My skin feels smoother to the touch, but still looks uneven. The pores on my nose look smaller, and I havent had any big new pimples on my cheeks (along my cheekbones was where it got really bad the last few months). Just a few small ones on my forehead and chin. Still have red marks on my cheeks from old pimples.

I've been moisturizing like crazy and using lots of aquaphor, but havent noticed any real drying yet. I'm only on 30 mg Sotret for my first month so maybe that will all kick in in the second month. I havent had any headaches or felt excessively tired. I've continued going to yoga about 4 times a week, and running at least once a week.

I also think that beginning accutane can be a good metaphor for my life: While my skin is clearing and healing, i'm also trying to clear and heal other areas of my life. I started last night by clearing out all the clutter in my bedroom, my countertops and dresser-tops are clean!

nbb - nyc

Day 1

I'm so excited to have started accutane yesterday. I took my first pill last night, and was not at all nervous or anxious about it. I was just so happy and relieved. I'm relieved to finally be doing something about my bad skin. I know that the next six months will be up and down, but at each moment, i'll remember how grateful I am that I will have clean, clear, glowing skin at the end of it. I'm so lucky to have this opportunity.Besides a terrible night's sleep (which might have been because of my dog snoring in bed with me), I havent noticed any side effects. I've been drinking lots of water for the last two weeks and have begun to lather on the chapstick. I've started taking vitamins as well and overall feel great.I've been going to yoga at least 4 times a week and think that a healthy practice will make this journey much more enjoyable.I will post weekly pictures to visually track my progress.I cant wait to see the changes and results. Let the healing begin!

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