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last night I applied tretinoin and bp...

my red spots faded 10-25%

I only have two actives, and taking care of those is for noobs (i love you noobs)


I'm thinking of ACV/lemon juice/olive oil this morning.

i hope all of you are well and conquering your inhibitions.

most people i know don't have acne, and don't understand the affliction acne causes.

sometimes i wonder if i did something wrong in a past life, or whenever...

good morning!


so far

In 5th grade I began breaking out around my hairline, shampoo relieved the problem. Until 6th grade I was clear... in the beginning of 7th grade I was breaking out on a monthly basis. It was bad for me because most other kids did not have any acne, whatever.

13-15 yr/o were the worst years for my acne. My skin was rough, yet oily, and an overabundance of dead skin. Pores clogged all around my T-zone, causing them to be rather large.

I tried my best to cover my acne. I used liquid foundation (I'm sure this made the appearance of my pores much worse)

My T-Zone used to be very oily

... it was probably my diet.

Growing up in a low socioeconomic area, we ate a common Western diet (white noodles, cheese, starchy vegetables, candy) odd, I was fatter and withstood more breakouts when I became vegan... I think this caused my insulin resistance. my acne was far worse when my diet was entirely depleted of cheese and meat. I retained a lot of water in my face and arms and stomach. I avoided being outside because my skin was oily to the touch (residual grease left behind on fingertips)

perhaps those years caused the hyperpigmentation that I continue to battle. I never had pustules, really. It almost looked like acne blanketed with an extra layer of epidermis. gross. My skin is much better now; I will post photographs! I swear I will.

([ I used to use bp twice, daily. I stopped when my face was flakey and clouding my face with dead skin. note: I did not use moisturiser! ]

I felt like I needed someone to control the proliferation of skin cells... as this is my most prevalent concern for my skin.

*i did this with peels, microdermabrasion, and differin)

(I'd like your opinions about Dan's regimen in its entirety. perhaps I will consider)

as of now:

I steam my face day and night,

followed by antibacterial face wash and moisturiser; neutrogena oil free/murad perfecting

differin at night.


daily multivitamin


skin and nails support

chromium picolinate*

(note- constipulation)

evening primrose

fish oil



deep fried foods (chips, chalupas(D:))

refined sugar

carbs (especially enriched bread, white rice, sugary cakes, pop)

fruit juice


high fructose corn syrup (ketchup, bottled tea, commercial maple syrup)





a little oily,

some indentations and red marks, enlarged pores.

occasional breakout (2-6 active)

(I'm considering taurine, alpha lipoic acid, betaine, cayenne, MSM)

I'd like to hear from you!

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