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Hi all,

I am very happy i stumbled upon this amazing site. It is good to know i am not alone in this battle for spot-free skin.

My journey began a few years back just after i left school, i had a few spots but not many. All of a sudden my skin started to become greasy and oily and ever since i have been getting bad acne outbreaks. It is very random and i could go weeks without a severe outbreak. My spots are usually sore and red. The worst feeling is waking up and looking in the mirror, this always starts my day off very badly and gets me depressed. It makes sinple decision much harder, such as choosing which clothes to wear.

Whenever i feel down about my skin it really has an impact on my day to day activites and my personality. I try not to make eye contact and keep staring at the ground when i walk. It is very hard to engage people one on one.

I recently went to a dermatologist and he allowed me to have a course on roaccatine.

I cannot wait until i start my course in May 2009.

I will keep you guys posted!!!

Stay strong, and together we will get past this stage in our life.


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