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Day 19- Disgusting

So about two weeks into this I thought that I had passed the point of getting an initial breakout and things were actually looking pretty good.

Now, since about 3 days ago, I have 7 massive disgusting under the skin cysts that make me want to cry and not go out in public! ew ew ew. I've never felt so disgusting.

My lips are dry, and when I leave the house without my aquaphor I get really upset.

The only plus I'm facing right now is that I really don't have to wash my hair more than once every 4-5 days. It's great! It styles so well and doesn't get greasy through the day.


Day 10

Help my hair!!!! my scalp has completely dried up and is flaking every where. Yuck! I also had to go buy a face moisturizer, which is strange because I never ever ever put lotion on my face.

My lips have the most noticeable change. I went out Saturday night and forgot to bring a chapstick and it was pretty miserable. I didn't notice any side effects from drinking, just as dehydrated one naturally would be the next morning!

I normally tan the full 15 minutes, but now I only can get away with 5 minutes on my face and 9-10 on my body.

My face just keeps popping up with more zits, I have this nice row on 3 under the skin ones on my right cheek, so attractive!

Anywho, hopefully this all gets better soon! I can't imagine how much worse the dryness is going to get.


Day four

I haven't really noticed much yet. I went tanning yesterday (yes yes I know I shouldn't, save your fingers the typing) and was surprisingly already sun sensitive! After only three days I could feel my face getting hot about halfway through. No burn though.

Today I had to put lotion on my face, which is odd, as I always have such a messy oil-slick that I avoid lotion at all costs. Maybe this is the beginning of seeing the effects!

I'm really holding my breath for an initial breakout. I my job is front desk and I see hundreds of people all day, and my face being even more of a disaster than usual would be a nightmare :dance:

On the bright side, halfway through finals!! yay


It's day two!

Hello all. I have struggled with mild acne since I was 13 years old, naturally oily skin and always with a few mild pimples on my face. This was tolerable, and with my dermatologist I was able to control it with differin gel (and the cream) and 3 other topicals that I can't remember the names of. At the age of 18 I started using proactiv, which did well at keeping acne at bay.

During my sophomore year of college, something started to change, they gradually got more intense. And now here I am, a month away from being 21, with these awful nodular beasts that take weeks to heal. Each leaves a nice red scar behind too. I thought that this would get better as I got older, but it only has gotten worse, and ruined my confidence.

It is day two of 60mg/day (40mg in the am, 20mg in the pm).

This is a bad quality picture from my phone:


I would appreciate comments, especially from anyone who's just starting their course too!

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