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Day Two

I decide to join acne.org because I was very nervous and excited about starting Accutane, looking for other peoples information and their experiences, I think it would be really interesting to do the same and document my 6 month journey...

I began taking 20MG of Accutane two days ago, I have been taking two in the morning and one at night with dinner so 60 a day. I have been taking it with food, and have already began moisturizing my lips with carmex. Im going to be completely honest. On day one I drank a Heineken... I know drinking isn't allowed but I'm working on it. I had two coffees today but have been drinking water too... So far so good!!

My skin looks okay, Im on my period and have gained weight from the birth control I started 30 days ago... Im on YAZ. Im weighing 144 right now. I was already feeling tired and have been sleeping alot more than usual and cannot wake up maybe I'm already depressed. This should be interesting!

Previously before 3/13/08

Solydin 90MG 1/1/09

5% Soluclenz

GLYTONE face wash <3 really helped

I have been using: (just on skin)

cetaphil moisturizing cream

cetaphil face wash

bare minerals

laura mercier concealer

physicians bronzer

nars orgasm blush

I do wear lip stick and lip gloss every day

will update


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