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Treatment Day11

It's been 11 days since I am on Solodyn, I am currently using the Duac Gel after I wash my face with a regular soap, then Hydrogen Peroxide then Duac Gel. So far, no improvements, i think my face broke out even more..

Now, browsing through acne.org, I came across the fish pills and ordered Benzoyl Peroxide from Dan. I'm gonna give it a try and also might go and buy tomorrow the fish oil pills, I hear they are inflammatory and wanna give it a try. Duh, one day gonna come and my acne will hopefully clear. I ve had severe acne for almost 9-10 years! I'll keep this blog on so that if one day by any miracle I clear up, others can follow my steps and one day we ll fine a cure to this damn acne:)

Hang in there guys


Solodyn day 9

I have a severe acne. I've had acne for almost 9-10 years already. Today is 9th day of me taking Solodyn. I was put on a Solodyn 90 mg, after taking it for 4 days, I called my doctor to let him know that it was making me feel over-tired, very dizzy and very weak, like a sleepwalker. The doctor then reduced my dose to 45 mg/day. Today is my total 9th day. I am also using Duac Topical Gel with it.

As of now, I would say no side effects now that I am on 45 mg/day and not 90 mg. Since my weight is 118 lbs, im 23, so I think 90 mg was too much for my body, which is why I felt bad at first.

In the first week I noticed my face got much cleaner. However, today is 9th day and I see hurting red pimples and white ones too around my mouth, on my neck and side of my cheeks. But I am also expecting to get my period today or tomorrow so maybe it's just hormonal. Or maybe it's gonna get worse before it gets better like so many people say? We'll see.

This is just to keep updated and make a log on Solodyn so that me and others can see together how this stuff goes along so that finally someday people and doctors will be able to find a cure for this stupid acne.

Hang in there guys

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