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This is a Brand New Day

Hello everyone I am a new member here, I found this website last night while looking for information on acne treatment with my mom. I am 15 and have had acne for about 4 years. Until about a year ago it has become what I would consider moderately severe acne on my face. My back used to be pretty bad but has been fairly clear for the past year (except for two scars on both my shoulders). I know everyone has heard this numerous times but I have tried nearly everything. Over the counter treatments, facial scrubs, antibiotics, gels, creams. Now I am considering trying Accutane, but do not think that I am ready for the side affects at 15. On this very day I am trying Vitamin B5 and Apple Cider Vinegar along with a scrub and some facial cleansing pads. Last night I applied ACV(Apple Cider Vinegar) to my face along with my regimen and this morning my face feels slightly less painful. There was some drying and slight burning but they both went away in a few minutes. I also am taking about 2 tablespoons a day for good measure. I am hoping that after al that I have tried that maybe going back to some more basic things will open a new road to clear skin. I know not to expect miracles but I do believe that anyone who has ever had more than moderate Acne deserves to have clear skin. It is hard to live my life going to school with whiteheads and breakouts, it hinders my confidence and how I think other people see me. Anyway I will try to post pictures in case of any progress and will try to write at least once a week or every other week to let others know of my hopeful success. I am doing this for myself because I feel good knowing other people are going through the same thing but I am also doing this for everyone who struggles with acne so they know that there are other people out there, including myself who wish to help. I may not not have all the answers and have not tried everything ever made but I do have experience and can give advice and support whenever possible. So please feel free to post comments or questions. I ma happy to answer when I have the chance. Thanks for taking the time to read. Peace and hope for an Acne free World. :dance:

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