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Day 18 on Accutane

So far I've had a good experience with Accutane. I've been taking it for a little over 2 weeks now. My acne has definitelly improved but has not completely gone away but is getting much better. I'm still experiencing a few blemishes here and there but nothing major. My skin is much dryer but not extreme, my lips however are extremely dried out. Since I've started the medication I have not been able to stop applying chapstick. I tried to pick at my nose a little bit and the skin ended up peeling off, everybody says it but it's so hard to not pick. I do not have any emotional or mental side effects. Thank you god. I'll keep everyone posted with in the next few weeks.


Day 6 on Accutane

I think my complexion is totally changing in a good way. I have very few blemishes just mainly on my chin. I stopped using my benzaclin for spot treatment because my face has been peeling like crazy. It isn't to dry but I can tell the difference. My lips are majorly dry but I keep chapstick on at all times during the day and keep moisturized and everything seems to be doing good.

I havent had any emotional side effects, everything is just the same. Except I have been getting head aches daily but I cant tell if its the accutane or not.


I've just started accutane and I've read about people breaking out, Do you break out at first and then it clears?

And people who are 3-4 months in to their treatment and still have major breakouts and horror stories, do they just have severe acne to begin with ?

I do not have sever acne, I normally have small breakouts and I normally have a few deep cysts appear on my face. Everyone that I know of that has taken accutane, their face cleared up within the first month and after they completed the treatment they didn't get their acne back.


Day 3 on Accutane

Day 3 doing good. No major differences in my skin. I'm breaking out a little bit. My lips are dry, the rest of my skin isn't to bad. Still using lots of lotion and chapstick. I hope my face clears up soon. :dance:


Day 2 on Accutane

So far so good. I've taken the pill just 2 times. Already I'm experiencing my lips to be extremely dry. I've been applying chapstick like crazy and stocked up on lotion and chapstick to carry with me at all times. Other than that no other side affects are appearing.


Today is the very first day I started my accutane cycle. I am extremely nervous. I found this website by researching others experience with this drug. It seems to me that it effects everyone differently. I know to expect dryness of the skin and lips. I've already started applying chapstick.

I am extremely nervous about the psychological and mental effects of this drug. I don't know what to expect. Any advice is greatly appreciated :dance:

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