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i took accutane awhile back, it made my acne way worse. i thought it was going to be a miracle drug, but it was a nightmare. after much time and most of that wasted, as well with money. it only made things bad. i have scars which i never scared before. i have permanent side effects too.

if you want more of my story message me, but i def dont agree with taking the drug!


i will be writing a journal if enough people tell me that they want to know about a males case aged 17 5'10 160 lbs.

i had 6 months of 120 mg a day

i have been off it for 4 months


hey still havent seen that great improvemetns at all

side effects suck

and it made my acne bad, and i never had bad acne to begin with,

a bunch of red marks where acne was before but hoping fades soon...

get about 3 new ones a week, and have a big cyst on my back jawline, i never got acne here before accutane..

please tell me about your results at this stage and when i can expect to be clear and good to go

oh and again, i HATE THE SIDE EFFECTS


my prom is this saturday and accutane didnt work yet... i have same as everyone else and i still am worse than when i started tane, hope to see improvement soon thou, sorry no time to post lately

message me if u have specific questions


3 1/2 weeks on accutane

hey guys i gynx my self everytime i post a blog thing, but last time i said i was looking alot better, it got a lil worse again, so i will try saying, i am showing good improvement now. skin is still worse than before accutane but on the road to improvement

side effects have a vast range, and do get a bit annoying

lips kill

skins dry

body aches


night vision

the list really does go on and on

i have a few questions, i developed a white bump there a pimple was before under my lip and i know some other entries had the same promblem? please let me know what you know about this, and if you want more indepth about my treatment, just message me

thanks guys

ps sorry for late entries, i have highly involved with sports so i dont get around it this too often

i may stop writing journals because i feel i suck at it and i dont think too many people read it?


just about 2 weeks

hey guys i dont want to make you read too much, but i just want to say that my skin is looking a TON better, it still has the signs of that inital breakout, but compared to the previous days, its looking good. i still have alot of acne on my cheeks and some on my forhead (never had this kind really its just from the inital breakout) and my chin really cleared up.

mind you i still have the acne, but its looking alot better and the redness has decreased dramatcially

please lets not have this entry gynx me, i am just writing this to inform curious minds about whats going on with my acne (accutane treatment) really its claravis...

ps i was perscribed claravis 40 mg 2x a day, 5'10 165 currently

symptoms are itchy skin, dry lips and eyes and scalp, exzema, bloody noses, body aches, and the list goes on a bit but its bearable dont you worry!

thanks friends at acne.org


day 10

Hey guys i have read a ton of journals about accutane and i need some advice...

i had very mild acne for the past 2 years, and about a week before my derm apportionment i had a bad breakout, worst i ever had... it was pretty bad

i was prescribed accutane and have been on it for a week now, and my face is literally terrible, i couldnt go to school on last friday cuase it was that bad, and thrusday was a mess for me cause i became horrible unsocial due to this acne

from my understanding this is just an inital breakout, i am on 40 mg twice a day as of now, and on my 10th day, and i am 5'11 160

i want to know if this pattern of what im going through shows hope that in 2 MONTHS i will be clear, because thats going to be my junior prom...

this is bad timing for this horrible initial breakout becuase i am meeting my girlfriends sister and her husband who are older for the second time today and the first time wasnt really a good meeting cuase we didnt see them too much, they live in the city over

please respond with some advice and things you learned while on accutane or info you feel i should know thanks for your time reading this its really apperciated

PS i am perscribed claravis, which from my understanding is no different than accutane, accutane just ran out of soul right to create this drug

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