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Day 13

From today I'm experimenting with not washing my face for like a week. I'm hoping that this will repair my skin somewhat. My rosacea is always irritated for ages after washing and especially since I've been on Accutane my skin has been more sensitive. Already I have broken out (on my chin) with a cyst and a whitehead which is to be expected but I think it will calm down in a few days. Here's a hopin' anyway! My rosacea and skin tone is a lot better though.

Also today I've been getting slight headaches. I think this may be due to tiredness and also stress. I'm a hypochondriac see, and I think I have intracranial pressure (if that's how it's spelt?)

Been asked to go shopping on Saturday by my friend. Lets see how my skin looks. :dance:


Day 12

Things are pretty much exactly as yesterday, I don't think I have any new spots and the rosacea is still bad. :dance::(:mad::dance:

Quite a bit of hair loss on my pillow last night, not a great sign. :(:mad::boohoo::boohoo:

Good thing my hair is fairly thick anyway. :dance::dance::dance::dance:




Day 11


Anyway, I'm doing a log for my benefit as much as everyone elses, to track my progress really.

Day 11. Random day to start on, I know.

Taking 30mg daily for rosacea and moderate acne.

Skin looks worse than when I started, acne a little worse and rosacea doesn't settle down as easily due to inhibited sebum production I believe.

About 7 large spots on left side of face. Right side is fairly clear, more smaller spots. Nose has one large spot and a few smaller ones. Chin has a few smaller spots with one old cyst remaining. Forehead is fairly clear.

Side effects-less sebum production, itchy scalp, possibly redder face, dry skin, dry lips, maybe having/had initial breakout.

Broke out immediately from taking first pill till yesterday.

Maybe due to Palmers Cocoa Butter I'm using now? Possibly that I was having an initial breakout and now it's over. Well that's what I'm hoping.

I know my writing style in that was pretty horrendous but I wanted to die after typing out so much and then accidently losing it all.

Anyway, any questions you have I will answer!

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