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Day 18

Hey all,

Today is day 18 for me :( Wooot! Not too much new into to report over here, I'm afraid. Last week was when all our midterm papers were due, so I didn't sleep much, and therefore caught a cold. The sniffling nose is really irritating my skin, so I am trying to moisturize it as much as I can ....

It also probably doesn't help that it got really cold again this week (Montreal in winter = lots of snow). In terms of the actual acne, the face looks fairly good today, just a few small bumps. :mad: However, i noticed that there seems to be a party on my back for the bacteria, so its really bad. I can't really judge how many there are, but there are at least 5 of the big painful ones :dance:

I'll try to post again soon, now that I have some semblance of time


Hey everyone (if anyone is reading this lol)

I started Accutane two weeks ago, and I figured that there is no better way to track the progress then with other people! :( So here is the basics of the situation:

Before Accutane:

I've suffered from moderate acne since the beginning of secondary 1 (that is grade seven if you were curious) and I have tried some perscription medication for it before, both creams and pills. The creams irritated my face so much that my doctor was concerned, and the pills (I can't seem to remember any names right now >.<) were only effective for a few months. For two years I just gave up on it, figuring that I just would wait until it went away (which it obviously didn't). I then got a new doctor (GP), who sent me to a dermatologist friend of hers. The dermatologist recommended Accutane, and after going through the normal preperations (birth control, pregnancy test, etc) I got started.

The First Week:

I was really excited the first night I got this stuff, but reading through all the cautionary informations was a little scary :dance: However, I knew that it was going to help me (hopefully) in the long run so I wasn't too worried. By day 3 my lips were starting to get chapped, so I bought some new lipbalm (Nivea Essentials) and its been working well. By the end of the first week, I also started getting a very dry, itchy, flaky scalp (eww) :mad: The number of zits on my face was about the same, but I started getting more in weird places, like my upper arms, my chest and my upper back, so I am hoping that those are only temporary...

The Second Week:

It started off badly, with a monster zit coming in on my cheek. Then, my scalp issues started driving me nutters. I actually rubbed a bit of moisturizer onto my scalp to try to make it less bad, which helped a bit. I wash my hair normally every other day, but .... my hair is a LOT less oily already, so I'm probably only going to be getting it wet, not washing it when I shower in the mornings more often then not. I also scratched myself a few times and the marks are taking a very long time to heal up. On a positive note though, I didn't have a bad reaction when I had a bit of alcohol at my friend's 19th last night so I am pleased.

I'll try to update weekly or possibly bi-weekly, but I am in my last semester of CEGEP (We have a weird school system in Quebec. CEGEP is like grade 12 & 1st year of university) so I'm mad busy.....

Cheers everyone!


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