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Day 6

Day 6 on Amnesteem, no notable differences. Skin on my face has been drying out slowly.

Waiting for the initial breakout that I read so much on posts and blogs.

Guess I should only report when a significant change occurs.


Today I finally start taking Accutane. After years of battling acne and countless trips to the Dermatologist, I finally have the insurance to start Accuatane.

To get approved to start Accutane blood tests are required to monitor lipid levles. The dermatologist must approve you lipid levels before starting the drug, and then every month to get a refill blood tests are required.

I consider myself somewhat healthy and in decent shape however my blood tests showed that I had high Cholestreol and High Triglyceride levels. This was a major shock and set back for me. The dermatologist recommended me to a primary care physician.

My doctor put me on two medications a statin for the cholestrol and trilipix for triglycerides. I also started working out on a normal basis.

After one month on the drugs my lipid levels are normal, and the dermatologist approved the Accutane (Amnesteem)

I now will be taking Amnesteem, Statin, Trillipix.

After one day, no side effects yet, just eager to start and end this battle!

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