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Plead Silence

I just want to start by saying that I'm not looking for pity in the slighest bit. I will be open and honest about my thoughts and feelings in hopes of gaining some sort of self confidence. The thought of posting pictures of myself with my acne on this website terrifies me. This is a website of support for those who suffer from acne, yet I'm still afraid I will be rediculed. Blah.

Alright, a little about myself. I'll just write it out in list form.

-I'm nineteen

-I suffer from depression and anxiety disorders (seven years now)

-I have anorexic tendencies

-I try not to self-harm

-I've had acne since I was twelve

-I'm a huge scab picker and can't leave my pimples alone

-I have a very low self esteem

-I'm roughly 5'3"

-High school was hell for me

So there you have it, a bit about myself. Comment, ask questions, whatever. [:

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