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day 12 (& history)

Quick history: I'm 19, I'm a full time working model and my acne had gotten so bad that it was affecting my source of income. I had to skip fashion week, cancel jobs... it's ust been a big ole mess.

I was living in London but had to come back to the US a month ago to get my skin sorted out.

After waiting the 30 days for the iPLEDGE program I finally got my accutane 12 days ago.

I'm on 40mg a day of Amnesteem

My skin was the worst its ever been when I got back to the US a month ago, and during the 30 days I had to wait because of iPLEDGE it cleared up some.

So here I am on day 12-

The pimples I've had over the past week or some seem to come to a head and pop themselves within a day- and over all the spots that I am get are far less painful than they have been in the past few months.

My lips are chapped, but I'm a nazi with the Aquaphor, so they are doing alright.

I've been getting mad headaches since Saturday, usually at night- also in the evenings my face, ears, and hands have started to get really red and flushed.

I can notice a dry tightening of my skin.

I've also had a bit of back chest and joint pain- but I'm assuming that is probably more from working out than the Accutane :)/ err I hope...

Over all things have had a little improvement, and are staying steady

I'm getting my blood tests and everything on Thursday...

Ok on to pictures:

please if you're going to look at the 1st pics, look at the last ones as well- there has been major improvement since the horrific first ones.

These are from Jan 22- I'd just arrived back in the US. WARNING: this is the WORST my skin has ever looked:


Ugh ok enough of that.

Moving on, these were taken on Feb. 12th (8 days before I got my accutane):



And these on February 26th:



AAAAAnd these today, on day 12 of accutane:



Sooo all in all, I'm experiencing side effect yes, but I'm also seeing improvement.

ehh we'll see how this pans out...

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