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Yesterday I found this site and I was really impressed. I am 22 and I have acne. I am really depressed about my problem...The thing is that my friends don't have this problem.. so I can't discuss it with them. In the begging of february I started a diet (for my skin, as I don't have any problems with overweight), went to the gym and gave up smoking. I feel that my skin has become better but still it is really far away from being normal. Unfortunately my friends don't support me. They say that my skin has become better only if I ask and insist on the answer. Sometimes I just want to give up...especialy the diet, as I really love chocolate, sweets, and other staff that I can't eat now...

I am really happy that I've found this site, cause I see that a lot of people have the same problem. ))

P.S. Sorry for my english ))

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