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Three weeks!

Today is my third week of being on Accutane. My skin is phenominal! It's no longer oily, my cheeks and forehead are smooth and my back is clearing up. I only have/get pimples along my chin/jaw, the borders of my cheeks (close to ears) and on my temples. But it's not even that bad. No cysts, just white heads. My nose feels rough, though, from black heads, which I find odd. But I'm not worried about it.

Side effects:

- sore back & hips

- dry face, hands & lips

- few nose bleeds

My back and hips actually tend to hurt pretty severly. It's usually when I wake up in the morning, after lying in the same position for hours, is when my back is extremely stiff and it takes a few minutes to get out of bed and straight my back. My hips get sore from walking around or standing all day (mostly happens at work, and especially after a run). Which is totally understandable, as that's commonly a result in someone who isn't taking the drug. But it's more pronounced now because I never had issues with either before.

Update: I won't be posting frequent pictures in my blog, and won't be doing a time lapse video. As much as I want to, I can't. My computer doesn't take my USB for my camera for some reason. I can't hold 6 months of pictures on it lol, so I've just decided to post pictures from before and after my trial.


Get set, go :)

Yesterday I took my first pill (40mg) and I'm just extremely anxious, haha. I doubt that by day two you're supposed to get any side effects, but my whole body is sore (hopefully it's from working out) and I'm tired.. though I haven't gotten to sleep until 1:30 the past couple nights. I'll update this every weekly interval, as well as my gallery. :dance:


On your marks

I'm completley new to this, but I suppose I'll take a stab at it and start somewhere. Tomorrow, I'm getting my blood work done, and hopefully picking up my prescription for Friday or Saturday. Nervous to see what side effects will chill with me while taking tane and perhaps after, and excited to finally break free of such an annoying burden that I'm definitely ready to dump. A little skeptical from these Accutane horror stories, but I guess we'll have to wait and see. I'll keep a frequent blog, I guess to update on my progress. Whether or not anyone will read it, who knows. More so for my benefit than anyone else's, anyways haha. I'll also fire up a gallery with before/during/after pictures. I'm hoping to take a photo every day to fit into a time lapse video (idea inspired by someone else) but only posting the 2 or 3 week marks in the gallery. And so.. toodles!

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