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Quitting smoking to help deal with acne, does it work?

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So heres the run down...

Im 19 years old, 5 foot six and 93 pounds...

Ive 'thought' I had acne since I was 11, I would get tiny white spots on my face that were just hair follicles closed and not acne, I would get occasional spots on my face and mess with them until they turned into scabs. Oh, and also Ive been a smoker since I was about 14.

I have tried a lot of products on my face, and I am a person that uses things to the extreme. Spot treatment? I slather it all over. I tried proactive for a little while and it did okay I think but I would slather the lotion on...then a few minutes later put it on again, then again. One morning I woke up and my entire face was swollen, my eyes were almost completly swollen shut and my neck was very itchy. Overnight I had made myself allergic to Benzoyle Peroxide. Since then I started using many things, always going to a dermatoligist but nothing seemed to work.

My last visit the doctor was a complete moron.

I came in, told him I had mild to moderate acne and was very allergic to BP.

He put me on the following...

In the morning wash with Neutragina oil-free facewash (Medicated)

Apply Benzeclin all over like a lotion

at night

Wash with pernox (which is the most abrasive scrub I have ever used)

apply retin-a micro

Take a solodyne pill (for cystic acne)

Turns out according to the Retin-a micro web site you should....

avoid medicated face wash

DO NOT use BP because it counters the effects of the benzaclin

do no use abrasive scrubs....

oh, and I forgot. The solodyne the doctor gave me were free samples that came in a blister pack with no warnings or packets of information....

Little did I know that this medication makes your birth control inactive....which the doctor knew I was on...

Good thing I didnt get pregnent...for me and the doctors office which would have gotten a big lawsuit.

Anyways I havent described my acne...

My forehead is fine along with my cheeks, my problem area is MY CHIN I also have many many blackheads on my nose and the sides of my nose

The problem on my chin is non-inflamitory acne, I have hundreds of under the skin bumps on my chin, you cant see them when my face is expressionless but as soon as I smile you can see them.

Up until six months ago I still used medicated face wash and lotion but it made my skin terrible,it made all of the bumps come to the surface, at least two of them a day

Then six months ago I started using Neutragina foaming face wash which isnt medicated at all and regular face lotion by the same maker...they stopped coming to the surface but they are still there

From my searches I have found that 80% of women smokers have this non-inflamitory acne

so I decided to quit smoking today

I will post pictures of my skin soon and try to update on the progress if quitting smoking helps this kind of acne around me mouth

I also purchased the regimine today which I will start when I get it. Now is the perfect time since I havent used medicated face wash in 6 months so I wont have any interactions

The Acne.org Regimen
The Acne.org Regimen
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