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Week Three

Backslide this week. Last weekend I didn't do OCM each night, but rather feel asleep in my makeup. Whether this correlated directly to the reverse of my improvement I don't know but it stands to reason. Missed a couple of OCMs during the week as well. Original plan was to add other vitamins to regimen next week may be delayed; I may instead elect to increase intake of zinc and/or vitamin A. Though I do want to attempt a vitamin D regimen, so perhaps an increase in zinc and vitamin A should occur this week, and vitamin D added next week.


Week Two

Vitamin and OCM regimen have remained the same from last week. No active blemishes more than 2mm across. Skin is more even toned and slightly less oily.


Week One

First weekly record of possible effect of taking vitamins.

For one week I've been taking the following vitamins and minerals:

~Vitamin A (10,000IU once a day)

~Vitamin E (400IU once a day)

~Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) (25mg once a day)

~Zinc (50mg once a day)

~Ibuprophin (600mg twice a day)

I've also been doing a nightly oil cleansing routine for about 3 weeks.

~Approx 2 tsp of grapeseed oil

~Approx 1/8 tsp of castor oil

~Approx 1/4 tsp jojoba oil (once a week)

Mixed together and massaged into skin for anywhere from one minute to one hour. Longer massages typically have jojoba oil, short massages do not.

Hot washcloth set on skin for 15 seconds at a time, two or three times. Then warm washcloths massage and wipe oil off of skin. Followed by a warm water splash and then a COLD water splash.

Various treatments, from sulfur to SA/Glycolics to TTO on any active blemishes. Neosporin or Vitamin E oil on any healing blemishes.

Current state of skin: One LARGE cyst on right side of nose discharged last night. It had a lot of varying contents and was incredibly disgusting. But the discharge was a huge relief of pressure and pain. Treated liberally and repeatedly with TTO and cucumber witch hazel afterward, and cyst has reduced in bulk and in pain significantly today.

Other inflamed issues:

Clogged pore, lower center of chin. New w/i last 48 hours. Semi-painful.

Two smallish cysts (less than 1cm combined) on lower left chin, healing.

Small nodule on upper left chin. Healing.

Comedone issues:

Healing scabby bit on left side of nose.

Clogged pore on upper left cheek.

Clogged pore center of forehead, ~1.5cm above browline.

General feelings:

I have no idea if the vitamins are working. I like the OCM, and I feel it's moisturizing the internal layers of my skin. It's not stripping, but my face doesn't feel greasy afterward. Despite a few inflamed spots (particularly the large cyst that's beginning to heal), my skin feels healthy and plump. Hopefully the vitamins will have an appreciable effect by next week.

Things I'm considering adding:


~Evening Primrose (500mg X3 per day)

~Vitamin D (400IU)

~Folic Acid (10mg)

~Selenium (200mcg)

~Omega-3 supplement

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