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so this is my first blog entry on acne.org and im pretty excited. im going to use this blog to keep track of how my skin is doing and what im using at the time to figure out what works on my skin the best. at the moment, i am using a bunch of products which is making it hard to isolate the problem. sooooo im going to simplify by using only a few products at a time and give it a month to see the effects. so for cleaning im going to use the

Life cleanser and Olay lotion for sensitive skin.

Olay Definiity scrub - 3 times a week

I'm going to stop using the Maybelline Mineral foundation - i found out that it's got a bad ingredient called Dimethicone (sp?) which clogs pores. I've been breaking out a fair amount lately and need to find a good foundation makeup that would clog me up.

As for DIET, i've been eating a lot of kraft dinner and other yummy processed foods which is a no-no for acne. but i dont think i can give up on kraft's "three cheese" macaroni juust yet. hopefully its just the foundation hehe.

I've had acne for five years and it's really getting to me. i have a lot of scarring and breakouts are constant. many times i feel depressed about my acne and im soooo tired of it. i just want to go away.

sooooo the plan for the next 2-3 weeks is..... use life cleanser, olay lotion and scrub.... wash for 10 sec only like dan suggests, use clindoxyl (my form of BP that i get practically for free through my parents health plan) every night............. and lay off the make up.. just conceal under the eyes for now.

i pray that within the next few months, i can get this over with. the last year ive had good weeks where im clear but then i do something to screw to over. lord knows what. sooooo plz plz plz let this be over. i pray to god that this regime works.

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