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How I cured my acne

Haven't really been on this website much - not sure how many people will be able to read this, but it you suffer from acne this will be worth a try.

Last summer my skin was really bad, I found this website and could really relate to a lot of the people on here. I told myself it was due to stress from exams, but spots were still bad months after my results. I was (and still am) using prescribed cream from the doctors to try and sort it, but this didn't do a lot, there was often 2 or 3 huge blemishes on my face at any one time, even if I didn't squeeze them, and applied cream daily, they would often last over a week. And the redness after each spot would last for months, and would often reform into another spot. I hadn't been back on this site since the first time I came on here, but I remembered it fondly, and I want to tell you what I wish someone had told me a long time ago.

In september I moved into a student house, and it's the first time I had to start providing food for myself. Due to this, I didn't buy any cereals, as they're quite expensive. I used to eat a lot of cereal, 2 or 3 bowls a day. Due to THIS, I would consume a lot of milk. Now of course, I wasn't having nearly as much milk. Within a few weeks, my skin was noticably better. Then I heard a rumour that milk could be one of the causes of spots, despite having heard from a docter a couple of months previously that diet has no effect on your skin, it's purely hormonal. I thought about it, and this made so much sense. I'd always had a lot of milk in my diet, and I'd always had horrible spots.

Since realising this I have switched to soy milk, and a few months later my skin is totally clear, almost all of the time, and when I do get a zit, it's the same type of zit that normal people get, so I am no way near as self concious as I used to be. Please do not be upset if this doesn't work for you, I wanted to post this here because if I can help one person, it'll be worth it. If this does work for you, pease let me know!

Good luck, Tibbs xxx

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