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The day after I wrote my introduction blog entry I started the "do nothing" approach to dealing with acne. After a couple days it became the "do a minimal amount" approach. From last Thursday night to Sunday I didn't use any topicals and tried not to even get my face wet. That went as well as you would imagine. I didn't see an obvious improvment but I also didn't see the problem getting worse, so that was a good sign. On monday morning, I used a 2.5% Salicylic Acid cleanser, and that was it. That night I didn't use anything and that is what I continued for this past week.

Since last Thursday, before I started this new plan, I have noticed an improvement. Also, yesterday my mom even commented that that my skin was looking clearer. So, I'm feeling pretty good. If these results keep up I will be very pleased and I will finally be able to start dealing with red marks and scars. Though, I also will feel annoyed. Annoyed that I spent years of my life trying every product on the market to with no success, only to take the complete opposite approach and get results. But, there's no point in dwelling on the past.

Like I said, if I am successful in clearing up my skin this way I will have to deal with red marks and scars. Never an easy task. I'm going to have to do some research around the boards and online to find a good way to reduce the appearance of post-acne blemishes. This is actually a big problem for me because I have a lot of red marks from years of acne.



I'm new to the acne.org community and I like to write so I made a blog and I figured I'd make my introduction. I'm not going to get personal, as in personal information, but that's just so I can share personal feelings and issues if you know what I mean.

I've had acne for about 3 years, with it getting progressively worse as time went by. At first it was very mild and I would use a mild cleanser in an attempt to clear it up, you can probably guess that didn't happen. Though, I was pretty much clear a couple times. First when I was using a combination of a Clean & Clear cleanser and an Acne Free BP product. The funny thing was, I didn't really notice how clear I was until my acne started to come back. That was the first time I had anything serious on my face. In my driver's licence photo, taken during the peak of my "clearness", I look great, but within less than two months I had many small cysts on my cheeks which I somewhat attribute to the use of fabric softener in my sheets and clothes. When I requested that my mom stop using it in the laundry, my acne started to calm down. But, it didnt' go away.

The second time I was kind of clear I used the Clearskin Professional stuff from Avon. Though clearing up my acne didn't have the same finished product as the first time. I had tons of red marks and scars from the acne before I used the Avon stuff. As the story always goes, it didn't last. My acne came back. Though, this time it is more on my chin and jawline but is starting to come back to my cheeks again. But it really doesn't matter where the acne is because most of the problem is the red marks and scars and it is difficult and somewhat redundant to try to deal with both problems at the same time.

This leads me to the main purpose of this blog, dealing with it. Not physically, but emotionally and all that sad story stuff. As I said earlier, I enjoy writing. I find that it is a great way to vent my frustrations. I have been keeping a journal where I would write what you could call poetry, but it usually would just describe my day in an unstrucured and unspecific manner. What I mean is I wouldn't use names of people or events that frustrated me but would describe my feelings at the time towards certain people or events. I'm not sure how many other people find that writing is an awesome way to "let it out" but I'm sure some do.

When I do these blog entries I'll probably talk a bit about myself concerning non acne-relating material just to lighten the mood a little and allow anybody, if anybody, who reads this to know a bit more about me.

I'm almost 17 years old, caucasian, male, with problem prone skin--haha big shock, and I'm from...nevermind, if anyone reads this you can try to guess where I'm from judging from what I've written if you want. I put a lot of my time into music, playing listening studying?, I play the sax, violin, bass/electric guitar, and some drums. My favourite artist is Paul Simon, if you havn't heard of him you actually have, you just don't know it, he is one of the top singer/songwriters of all time. I enjoy American history and politics and world history as well.

So I think I'll put an end to this blog entry. My bed is calling me. If you read it, leave a comment, tell me what you think, I havn't that much experience with public writing.

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