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I started my growth spurt late, actually in my senior year of high school and from there on out i had acne all over my face. Proactive, Murad, perscription pills, and too many options i can think of, none of which stopped my acne. Then my dermo told me about a miracle drug that could have some serious side effects but generally isn't too bad.

If you're like me, you didnt care about the risks and just wanted the acne gone. I started taking accutane on dec.1 and after only a week to two weeks and all my acne was gone, scarring had faded if not gone away completly and i found a new burst of confidense.

Now however besides a random pimple here and there i am doing great. My joints are a little sore, my skin is super dry, in fact my cheeks and face get so red sometimes it looks like i had been tanning. Not cool...then my head became dry...that's right never before this had i ever had a problem with dandruff...until now. i had to buy head and shoulders shampoo and it still hasn't totally gone away.

If you want clear skin and can go without drinkin for 4 months...(cmon i know i sound like an alcy but it's my senior year in college)unless in extreme moderation...than this might be the miracle you've been waiting for.

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