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day 35...

Hey all...I've been on accutane for about 35 days(not straight thru)...my first pill was on 2/25 and was on it for a month @ 20mg and then my Derm screwed up my prescription and didnt fax it over in the 7 day ipledge window which was AWESOME...so i had to go 20 days without any pills until i could take another blood test and for my lockout period to end on ipledge...sooo needless to say its been a stressful few weeks which did not help my skin at all...so i just started my second month @ 40 mg on 4/6 and i can already feel alot more dry and red which sucks but i just need to stick it out after seeing all the blogs and searching the accutane gallery shows how effective this medication is...

I guess my biggest fear is I will never go back to my old self I've only had acne for about 8 months or so it started slowly around july 08' and got really bad around october and has just been an uphill battle for me...I just wish I didnt have to deal with all this I've become so self concious and almost like a hermit i dont even recognize myself anymore...I know how shallow that sounds but this whole acne crap has seriously changed the person i used to be...i used to be sooo outgoing and fun always up for anything but ever since its gotten bad i hardly leave my apartment unless its for work(i've even called out sick because of anxiety about my skin) i dont go out with my friends from highschool anymore because im so embarassed of how i look now...i really just hope i get back to my regular self and soon because im on this spiral downward and dont know what else to do if this doesnt work....

I will be updating as much as i can..i also have a photo gallery...


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