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Feb 27

I've been using Epiduo for about 11 days. A few days ago I stopped using the BP cleanser and started using Nutrogena Oil Free Cleanser. The skin around my chin was really dry, and I kept getting pimples there. I went to California last Saturday, which was probably the worst day. The weather was dry there. I guess the combination of the dry air and epiduo my skin has cleared up a lot!! I'm really dry all over though. I'd much rather deal with the dry skin then oil and pimples. I'm in a wedding in 2 weeks so I hope it lasts. I've been really good about washing day and night. Although I didn't wash last night. I went today and got moisturizer. Hopefully that will help the dryness for the next few days. I really hope this stuff works. I wussed out of doing Accutane. The side effects scared me. If the epiduo doesn't work I think I'll do the accutane.


My first entry

I've seen a derm for about 2 years now. I've been consistently going to the derm since August 2008. It seems like nothing works for me. I did ProAcitve a few times, didn't really work for me. I know I wasn't using it twice a day like it said, but you would think you would see some sort of improvement by washing once a day. For the long term, I don't think I did. I was on tetracycline for a few months along with Duac and Ziana, not much improvement. Again, I didn't always wash my face twice a day. I would say I washed at night 4 out of 7 nights of the week, but always in the morning. Anyway, I lost my insurance for a while and used whatever samples of ziana I had. I even paid $175 for the duac prescription. Finally, I got insurance and went back to the derm. I saw another doctor, a woman, and feel she can understand and relate to me better being a woman than a man could. So, she started me on Solodyn, Oscion cleaners and differin .03.

Is my acne severe? I would say mild to moderate. I've been dealing with it since I was 15, I'm sick of it. I don't think it would be as bad if my skin wasn't so oily. I can cover up most of the recent scaring I've gotten and the pimples I do get, but the oil is so annoying. To me, that is the worst part.

So, I was using the 3 products. Washing my face always in the morning, and 4 out of 7 nights during the week. I was still breaking out. I even started breaking out on my shoulders and back, which I haven't had in a very long time. She gave me Evoclin foam for my back. I was using the Solodyn for 3 months and stopped. I've had a few, very small pimples on my back since I stopped taking it, but nothing like before. I still use the Evoclin for my body, which seems to work. I tried it on my face but it burned really bad.

I went in Jan and told her the stuff I've been using isn't working the way I wanted. I don't want any more oil or pimples. So, she suggested Accutane. She gave me the ipledge book to read. Holy crap!! It scarred me. She said if her children suffered from acne she would put them on it. The side effects seem pretty severe. The other people's blogs I've read said it worked great for them, but I'm unsure if I'm severe enough to use it. She gave me some samples of Retin-A mirco, which I've been using for the last 3 or 4 weeks. It makes my skin very dry, so I only use it every other night. I saw her today and told her I'm not sure about taking the accutane. I asked how long the retin-a micro takes to start seeing an improvement, she said about 6-12 weeks. In the 4 weeks I've been using it I still don't see any improvement. In fact, I've gotten big pimples around my nose and sinus area. I'm a picker, and I had to learn to leave these suckers alone because they didn't come to a head, or did anything come out of them. It just leaves scars and hard bumps under the skin. She gave me a sample of Epiduo, which just got approved for use. It's supposed to be really good. So, I'm going to try this. I go back to see her in the beginning of April. Hopefully this will work. (crosses fingers) I'm going to try and post some ugly pictures of me, so I can track my results.

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